Java===java Basic Learning (6)---process Control, for,if,switch,continue,break

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Note the point:

  • The For loop is very different from Python, note the format
  • Switch~,switch the corresponding case every time the execution has to break, because the basic not how to use switch, so as to understand.
  • To interrupt a Process Control statement, consider a multi-loop scenario, preferably with a label.
  • Continue condition satisfies, then the program to the most internal loop of the header!
//scanner text file reading and processing PackageTestbotoo;;;;Importjava.nio.file.Paths;ImportJava.util.Scanner; Public classfile { Public Static voidMain (string[] arg){//If condition statement        intA = 10; if(A = = 10) {System.out.println ("A=" +a); }        Else if(A ==20){                                }        Else if(A = = 30){                    }        Else{                    }        //While Loop         while(A < 20) {System.out.println (a); A+=1; }                //Do while loop,System.out.println (a);  Do{a+=2;        System.out.println (a); }         while(A <30); //determining the loop for loop//declaration: A For loop is actually a simplification of the while loop, and the defined I only works in the loop body//and I can be reused in different for loops         for(inti = 1; I <=10; i++) {System.out.println ("i--" +i); }                     for(inti = 10; I >0; i--) {System.out.println ("i--" +i); }//If I have been defined outside the loop, it will also take effect outside the loop body!         inty;  for(y = ten; y <15; y++) {System.out.println (y); } System.out.println ("Value of external y" +y); //Interrupt Process Control Statement        intYear = 1; intAA = 10; Read_data://labeled, typically used on multiple loops.          while(Year <= 5) {AA+ = 1; System.out.println ("This is a value of AA" +AA); if(AA >=13) BreakRead_data; year++; System.out.println ("This is the value of year" +Year ); //This is a value of AA//This is the value of year 2//This is a value of AA//This is the value of year 3//This is a value of AA                }                //Continue usage//if the condition of the continue is satisfied, then jump to the first of the loop immediately!                 intj = 90; Scanner input=NewScanner (;  while(J <100) {System.out.println ("Please enter a number greater than 0:"); intn =Input.nextint (); if(N < 0) {System.out.println ("Please re-enter"); Continue;} System.out.println ("XXXX"); if(n = = 10) Break; }        }              }    

Java===java Basic Learning (6)---process Control, for,if,switch,continue,break

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