JavaScript Aircraft Wars-----003 Create a Hero Machine

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/*Hero Machine: Because the hero machine only one, so do not need to use the constructor*/varHero = {    //Initial pictureSelfNULL,    //Initial Leftleft:0,    //Initial Toptop:0,    //Health ValueLife:3,    //Images loaded in and explodedimgs:[' image/hero.gif ', ' image/hero-bang.gif '],    //InitializeInit:function(){        //Create a single element        varimg = document.createelement (' img ')); //assign a picture path to itImg.src= This. imgs[0]; //inserting into the (IMG); //assign a value to the original image of the hero machine         This. Self =img; //Get the height and width of the picture when the picture is finished loading        var_this = This;//This point in the function will change, so we'll save it in advance.Img.onload =function(){            //because the property above has this.left, we should assign it as a picture._this.left = (;//the left center point of the hero machine equals (the width of the game-the width of the hero Machine) divided by 2 = Engine. game.offsetheight-Img.offsetheight; _this.left+ ' px '; ' px ';        }; //call Move when initializing         This. Move (); },    //The hero machine also moves when the mouse moves.Movefunction(){        //similar to Magnifier        var_this = This; Document.onmousemove=function(e) {varE = e| |event; varL =;vart =;//Boundary Processing            varLmax =;//Maximum Boundary            varBmax =;//Maximum BoundaryL = L < 0? 0: (L > Lmax?)lmax:l); T= T < 0? 0: (T > Bmax?)bmax:t); //Assign = l + ' px '; t+ ' px '; }}}hero.init ();

JavaScript Aircraft Wars-----003 Create a Hero Machine

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