JavaScript Basic Course Learning notes

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Learning Course: Smart Club JavaScript Video Course

Plan to take this video carefully, self-knowledge is not a memorable person so after each lesson must be updated notes as a review to deepen the impression.

Lesson One: Exploring JavaScript charm-1

The role of JavaScript is to modify and respond to Web page styles based on user actions

Parsing (Layout---properties---events)---"Writing JS

Most basic event: Onclick,onmouseover,onmouseout ...

Write the event code directly in HTML will appear chaotic, so introduced function functions, function definition and invocation are indispensable,

Any label in the Web page can be modified by any attribute can be changed, how to write in the HTML JS (class exception, to use classname instead of writing)

A few small examples of the first knowledge of JS:

Hint information display hidden, Web page skin, with if control pop-up box display hidden.

JavaScript Basic Course Learning notes

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