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Javascript example tutorial (19) use HoTMetal (6) Use javascript in HoTMetal

6. how to write a script for saving the module

In the example in this tutorial, a new save module file dialog box is created. HoTMetaL has several templates you can choose from. The Template is just a common webpage, which is saved in the Template in the HoTMetaL application directory. When you select a new project From the File menu, one of the tag options is Page From Template. When you select it, a tag dialog box is displayed, which contains various templates: General, WebTV, W3C, Frame Pages, and Layout.

You can create a new Template by saving the current file to a directory under the Template directory. The following macro, the Save As template, shows you how to use the DisplayFileDlg method of HMExtras. FileDlg to create a Save As dialog box. This dialog box uses the Template directory as the default location. the detailed code is as follows:

<br><br>var obj = new ActiveXObject("HMExtras.FileDlg");<br><br>var filter = "Web Page Template (*.htm, *.html)|*.htm;*.html|All Files (*.*)|*.*||";<br><br>if (obj.DisplayFileDlg(0, "File Save As", filter, Application.Path + "\\Template")) {<br><br>ActiveDocument.SaveAs(obj.FullPathName, true); // save and put on recent file list <br><br>}<br><br>

The above code is explained below: first, we use the FileDlg COM object of the HMExtras library to create an ActiveX control:

Var obj = new ActiveXObject ("HMExtras. FileDlg ");

Then, use several entries to create a filter:

Var filter = "Web Page Template (*. htm, *. html) | *. htm; *. html | All Files (*. *) | *. * | ";

Then, we call obj. DisplayFileDlg to display the file dialog box. Finally, we save the file when the dialog box exists.
Use Javascript in HoTMetal

6. how to write a script for saving the module

Let's add the first Save As template macro to the File menu. You can click the menu bar of the file and choose custom. Then select the menu tag and navigate to the place where you want to add a new macro. Click Add Submenu and fill in the missing items. Dialog box 1 is displayed.


Next, let's test this menu item and how macros work. Pull down the File menu and you will see an additional Save Template item. click it and you will get the dialog box 2:

Find the directory where you want to Save the file and give the file name. click Save to confirm.

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