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In jquery, there are three ways to implement Ajax: $.ajax (), $.post, $.get ().

First we look at $.get ():

The code is as follows Copy Code
$.get ("test.jsp",
{name: ' Cssrain ', Time: ' 2008/01/21 '},//data to be passed
function (data) {
Alert ("Returned data: +");

Then look at $.post ():
Same as $.get () format.

The code is as follows Copy Code
$.post ("test.jsp",
{name: ' Cssrain ', Time: ' 2008/01/21 '},//data to be passed
function (data) {
Alert ("Returned data: +");

The difference in the above 2 ways should be the way the request is different (a get one post).

Finally we look at $.ajax ():

The code is as follows Copy Code
$.ajax ({
URL: ' accept.jsp ',
Type: ' Post ',//Data send mode
DataType: ' HTML ',//Accept data format (there are many, commonly used Html,xml,js,json)
Data: ' text= ' +$ ("#name"). Val () + ' &date= ' +new date (),//To be passed
Error:function () {//Failed
Alert (' Error loading document ');
Success:function (msg) {//successful
Alert ("Data Saved:" + msg);


The code for the foreground JSP section is as follows: ...
Number of votes:

The code is as follows Copy Code
<span id= "I<%=id%>" ><%=vote_number%></span><br/>
<a Onclick=myvote (<%=id%>); href= ' javascript:; ' " > Polling </a>

The code for the JS section is as follows

The code is as follows Copy Code

function Myvote (ID) {
$.post ("vote.jsp", {id:id},
function (data) {
Eval ("var data=" +data);
if (data.issucc== "0") {
Alert (data.mess)
Alert ("Update page");
$ ("#i" +data.myid). HTML (data.votenum);

Return data to JSON

The JSON data returned in the background is as follows

{issucc:,mess: "", Votenum:,myid:}

ISSUCC: Success
Mess: Information, mainly error messages, such as no login, exceeding the limit, etc.
Votenum: Total votes after the vote
myID: The ID of the poll, the number of votes used to update the page

A Registered Login instance


The type returned by login.jsp is the text form and is "OK" when it is correct, when the error is

The code is as follows Copy Code

var userName;
var password;
var result;
$ (document). Ready (function () {
$ ("#load"). Hide ();

$ ("#success"). Hide ();
$ ("#error"). Hide ();


$ (document). Ready (function () {
$ ("#button"). Click (function () {
$ ("#error"). Hide ();
$ ("#load"). Show ("slow");
UserName = $ ("#userName"). Val ();
Password = $ ("#password"). Val ();
$.ajax ({type: Post),
URL: "Login.jsp",
DataType: "HTML",
Data: "Username=" +username+ "&password=" +password,
Success:function (Result) {
var res = String ($.trim (result));
if (res== "OK") {
$ ("#myTable"). Hide ("slow");
$ ("#success"). Show ("slow");
}else if (res== "error") {
$ ("#error"). Show ("slow");
$ ("#load"). Hide ("slow");
Alert ("return exception");}

JSP page

The first type of responsetext format

  code is as follows copy code

<%@ page Language= "java" pageencoding= "gb2312"%> 
String userName = Request.getparameter (" UserName "); 
String password = request.getparameter (" password "); 
if (password.equals (" Longleg ") &&username.equals ("thy")) { 
    out.print ("OK"); 
}else{out.print ("error ");}  

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