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This is my most recent training course to show my colleagues how to use jquery and ASP. net3.5 to develop Ajax Web ApplicationsProgram", I think the program and content are easy to understand. I will share it with you.


1. Why jquery?
Jquery is a Javascript script library. note that jquery is a script library rather than a script framework. "library" is not equal to "framework". For example, "system assembly" is a class library, while "ASP. net MVC "is the framework. jquery does not help us solve the Reference Management and function Management of scripts. These are what the script framework is doing.
The script library can help us complete the encoding logic and implement business functions. Using jquery will greatly improve the compilation of JavaScriptCodeTo make the written code more elegant and robust.
Latest Version 1.3.2

Jquery has the following features::
1. provides powerful functions
2. Solve browser compatibility issues
3. Implement rich UI
4. Wait...

Recommended learning link: http://www.cnblogs.com/zhangziqiu/archive/2009/04/30/jQuery-Learn-1.html


2. What is Asp.net Ajax?
ASP. net Ajax is the free Microsoft Ajax framework for building highly interactive and responsive Web applications that work within SS all popular browsers. the ASP. net Ajax framework schemdes server-side ASP. net Ajax, client-side ASP. net Ajax, the Ajax Control Toolkit, And the jquery library. ASP. net Ajax enables developers to choose their preferred method of Ajax development, whether it is server-side programming, client-side programming, or a combination of both. ---- reference ajax.asp.net
Translation: Asp.net Ajax is a Microsoft Ajax framework used to build highly interactive applications. It consists of four components: "server-side Ajax", "client Ajax", "Ajax Tool Set", and "jquery library.

Four major components of Asp.net Ajax
1. server-side Ajax
For example, uploadpanel, scriptmanager, and other controls

2. Client Ajax
Microsoft Ajax library 3.5 has complicated functions, mainly for JavaScript extension and some client controls

3. Ajax Tool Set
Ajax Control Toolkit is basically a server control used to quickly construct Ajax applications.

4. jquery Library

Recommended learning link: http://www.cnblogs.com/terrylee/archive/2006/11/12/aspnet_ajax_quickstarts.html


3. How much support does vs2008 support the above?
Currently, the latest Visual Studio 2008 provides built-in support for ASP. NET Ajax extension. In addition, enhancements are made in the following aspects:

Intelliisense support for JavaScript programming
Provides integrated editor support for ASP. NET Ajax Libraries
Smart sensing support for JSON-supported. asmx Web Service Programming
Enhanced JavaScript debugging support
Control Support for ASP. NET Ajax Extender


4. What can we do for our development?
1. jquery
It can quickly implement special effects, complete in pure static mode, and have a large number of ready-to-use open-source resources for cross-browser implementation. Writing jquery mainly relies on "cutting ".
Requirements: every background engineer and front-end engineer should be familiar with jquery and be able to perform Dom operations and modify the HTML tree. The master is to modify others' jquery plug-ins and add their own functions.

2.asp.net Ajax
You can use uploadpanel to quickly set up the effect of refreshing new commits and improve the user experience at the most basic level (for example, check whether the same name exists during registration ).
Server-side objects (including complex types such as object sets and dictionaries) can be transferred from the backend to the front-end for receiving, it can be used with the front-end JavaScript to implement more complex functions (for example, to achieve no refreshing pages ).

3. Can it be mixed? 1 + 1> 2?
It is a good function to pass the server-side object to the client. It solves the transmission and decoding of complex objects. Otherwise, the. NET object is sent to the client. How does JavaScript know it? One speaks Japanese and the other speaks French?
Asp.net Ajax is implemented through the server-side JSON converter. It can also send client objects to the server.

This mode is called Asp.net Ajax asynchronous call ".
Requirement: proficient in asynchronous call technology.

Recommended learning link: http://www.cnblogs.com/dflying/archive/2007/06/05/771471.html

4. Next, give full play to your respective strengths!
Jquery features rich special effects and simple Dom operations. Asp.net Ajax is powerful in processing. Net objects.
In this way, a page cycle can be changed:
Bll --> aspx --> HTML (rendering complete)
HTML control event --> JavaScript function --> asynchronous call --> Aspx. Method () --> return value --> JavaScript function --> HTML for feedback (DOM Operation)


5. Three Examples
1. Simple jquery Dom operations

2. asynchronously call the page. Method () Application
Note: The method signature. The incorrect parameter will be blocked by the. NET method directly. The javascript error "function cannot be found" is reported, which is prone to errors when the type is incorrect. Conclusion: perform client verification in HTML.

3. Examples of mixed jquery + Asp.net Ajax

Example File Download: jqueryaspnetajax.rar (87.35 KB)

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