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Typetype is a simulation of human typing effect of the jquery plug-in, Typetype very light, file less than 2k,gzipped compressed only 578 bytes, but the imitation of the effect is very lifelike, a word of the Dayton and back to delete the effect, so that people are amazed not only, Like a friend of the study, below to see how it is used:

Introducing Core Files

1 <  src= "Http://libs.baidu.com/jquery/2.0.0/jquery.min.js"></Script  >2<type= "Text/javascript"  src = "Jquery.typetype.js" ></ Script >
Write HTML, plug-ins can put words into text boxes and long text boxes or other HTML elements.
1 $ (' textarea '). Typetype (' Some text so want to demo ')
Custom input
1 $ (' textarea '). Typetype (2 ' Text to append ',3 {4 e:0.04,//error rate. Set to 0 nothing wrong.5 t:100,//time between keys6 keypress:function () {7 //The method that is triggered after the key (there may be an error)8 },9 callback:function () {Ten //bind to a specific HTML element One } A})
Using the text-back-delete method
$ (' textarea '). BACKSPACE (14,//delete the number of characters {t:100,//Key time interval keypress:function () {},callback:function () {}})
Animations that combine jquery
1 $ (' textarea ') 2 . Typetype (' Hello, world! ') 3 . Delay (+) 4 . Typetype (' \n\ngoodbye. ') 5 . BACKSPACE (+) 6 . FadeOut ()//jquery effect
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jquery mimics human typing effects plugin Typetype

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