Jquery_review filtering the contents of a table that has been loaded onto a page

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The background of the data through the response, after parsing the HTML, passed to the foreground to display, the data may be very much. So it's very necessary to have a two-time search on the current page, and it's extremely easy to find a function for jquery. There are just a few small points of knowledge that you need to focus on. The first one, what events do you use? Of course, we can add a retrieve button after the input search box. But then the user will have to click the button more than a few times. In the case of server interaction, this approach can greatly reduce the pressure on the server, but on the current page, only through input search, because the operation is done on the user's browser, so you can use the KeyUp event, similar to Google's search hints, To achieve a better user experience effect.

Second, the only thing to remember is to handle the empty row, and if the current user has emptied all of the content, then the empty line will be processed to ensure that the current functionality is correct. The third, when using KeyUp, should be triggered manually once to prevent unexpected results (DOM parsing problems).

<%@ page language= "java" import= "java.util.*" pageencoding= "Utf-8"%><! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//w3c//dtd HTML 4.01 transitional//en" >

Jquery_review filtering the contents of a table that has been loaded onto a page

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