JS Development history

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  1. 1992 Nombas developed and Vinegar C-minus-minus (c--), the embedded scripting language, originally bound in Cenvi software, was renamed after Scriptease (client-executed language)
  2. Netscape accepted the idea of Nombas, Brendan Eich developed a set of NetscapeNavigatot2.0 scripting languages in its LiveScript product, and sun and Netscape were done together, then renamed JavaScript.
  3. Microsoft then emulated a JavaScript clone called JScript in its IE3.0 product.
  4. To unify the three standards, the ECMA (European Computer Manufacturing Association) defines the ECMA-262 specification, and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO/IEC) has adopted ECMAScript as the standard (iso/iec-16262). Since then, web browsers have struggled to make ecmascripit the basis of JavaScript implementations. ECMAScript is the norm.

  • Although ECMAScript is an important standard, it is not the only part of JavaScript, and certainly not the only one that is standardized. Actually, a complete JavaScript implementation is made up of the following three different parts:

* Core (specification ECMAScript)
* Document Object Model (DOM) Docunmnt object models (integrated JS and HTML and CSS)
* Browser object Model (BOM) Broswer object models (integrated JS browser)

  • The vast majority of JavaScript is object-based and object-oriented in development.


ECMAScript is the core of JavaScript and the grammatical norm.
Both the DOM and the BOM are expanded on the basis of the core syntax. DOM is used in conjunction with HTML and CSS. A BOM is used to combine JavaScript with a browser.

JS Development history

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