Js-001-javascript operation one of the common web elements-radio Check

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This article mainly for the common elements of the Web page (such as: radio button, check button) JavaScript operation, for a simple source code sample demonstration, please refer to the small master. If there is any deficiency, please ask the great God to correct me, I appreciate it!

Words do not say much, directly on the code:

1 <HTML>2     <Head>3         <MetaCharSet= ' Utf-8 '>4 5         <title>Js-001-javascript operation one of the common web elements-radio Check</title>6 7         <Linkrel= "stylesheet"type= "Text/css"href= "Global.css">8     </Head>9         Ten     <Body> One         <DivID= "single"> A             <h4>Single-option operation:</h4> -             <Li>Get Radio list: document.getElementById (' Radio ')</Li> -             <Li>Click on the Radio list for the second item: document.getElementById (' Radio '). Children[3].click ()</Li> the             <Li>Check the radio list for the second item: document.getElementById (' Radio '). children[3].checked</Li> -              -              -             <formID= "Radio"> +                 <label>Rating:</label> -                 <inputtype= "Radio"name= "Level"value= "0"></input><label>Principal</label> +                 <inputtype= "Radio"name= "Level"value= "1"></input><label>Excellent</label> A                 <inputtype= "Radio"name= "Level"value= "2"></input><label>Medium</label> at                 <inputtype= "Radio"name= "Level"value= "3"></input><label>So so</label> -             </form> -         </Div> -  -         <DivID= "Multi"> -             <h4>Complex options Operation:</h4> in             <Li>Get a checkbox list: document.getElementById (' checkbox ')</Li> -             <Li>Click the second element of the checkbox list: document.getElementById (' checkbox '). Children[1].click ()</Li> to             <Li>View the selected state of the checkbox's entry: document.getElementById (' checkbox '). children[0].checked</Li> +              -              the             <formID= "checkbox"> *                 <label>Take:</label> $                 <inputtype= "checkbox"name= "Level"value= "0"><label>Tai chi</label>Panax Notoginseng                 <inputtype= "checkbox"name= "Level"value= "1"><label>Sanda</label> -                 <inputtype= "checkbox"name= "Level"value= "2"><label>Piano</label> the                 <inputtype= "checkbox"name= "Level"value= "3"><label>Dance</label> +                 <inputtype= "checkbox"name= "Level"value= "4"><label>Erhu</label> A             </form> the         </Div> +             -         <Div> $             <BR><BR><BR><BR> $             <ahref= "Http://www.w3school.com.cn/jsref/dom_obj_style.asp"Target= "_blank">HTML DOM Style Object</a> -         </Div> -     </Body> the </HTML>

Save the above source to an HTML file, open it in Chrome, as shown in:

After executing the corresponding JS script, the following is displayed:

At this point, Js-001-javascript operates one of the common web elements-the radio check is completed successfully, and hopefully this article will give you a reference to the beginner JavaScript.

Finally, very grateful to the pro-stop, I hope this article can be pro helpful. Warmly welcome the kiss to discuss together and progress together. Thank you so much! ^_^

Js-001-javascript operation one of the common web elements-radio Check

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