JS implements Baidu search, and js implements Baidu search

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JS implements Baidu search, and js implements Baidu search

Today, we will use JS to implement the baidu search function. The code below:

HTML section:

<! DOCTYPE html> 

CSS Cascading Style section:

Body {/* clear the built-in style of the browser */margin: 0; padding: 0;/* background-repeat: no-repeat; */min-width: margin PX ;}. box {/* maximum box */width: 100%; height: 100%;/* background: yellow; * // * height: 636px ;*/}. box_log {/* log box */width: 100%; height: 250px; text-align: center ;}. box_log_img {margin: 0 auto; width: 300px; height: 150px ;}. box_log img {width: 300px; height: 150px; margin-top: 38px; margin-bottom: 19px ;}. box_text {/* text search box size */width: 100%; height: 36px ;}. box_text_content {width: 640px; height: 36px; margin: 0 auto;} # text {/* style of the input box */width: 540px; height: 36px; box-sizing: border-box; margin-top: 3px; text-indent: 4px; outline: none ;}. log_img {/* Small Camera */position: absolute; left: 62%; top: 35.5% ;}# btn {/* button style */width: 100px; height: 36px; background: # 3366ff; border: 0px; letter-spacing: 1px; color: white; margin-left:-5px; font-size: 15px; box-sizing: border-box; transform: translateY (1.5px); box-sizing: border-box;} # btn: hover {/* specifies the hover style */cursor: pointer ;} # search {/* search box style */width: 540px; margin: 0; padding: 0; list-style: none; display: none; border: 1px solid # E3E5E4 ;} # search li {/* search box li size color */line-height: 36px; background: white;} # search li: hover {/* When li hover's style */background: # F0F0F0 ;}. li1 {/* value indent in li */text-indent: 4px ;}

JS section:

Var otext = document. getElementById ("text"); // obtain the input box ose = document. querySelector ("# search"); // select lis = document in the search box through the class name selector. getElementsByClassName ("li1"); // obtain all liotext. onkeyup = function () {// when the keyboard pops up in the input box, the ose event occurs. style. display = otext. value? "Block": "none";/* Three-object operator. If the value of otext. value is empty, the block is used. */Var osc = document. createElement ("script");/* Create a script tag */osc. src = "https://sp0.baidu.com/5a1Fazu8AA54nxGko9WTAnF6hhy/su? Wd = "+ otext. value + "& cb = houxiaowei";/* introduce the src value of srcipt to Baidu's url, and connect the content entered in the otext text box to the url, run your Method */document. body. appendChild (osc);/* put the created script Tag Element in the body * // press enter in the input box to jump to the page based on the input value */if (event. keyCode = 13) {/* use Baidu as the connection, input the input value, and jump into the new page */window. location. href = "https://www.baidu.com/s? Ie = UTF-8 & f = 8 & rsv_bp = 1 & rsv_idx = 1 & tn = baidu & wd = "+ otext. value }}var count = 0; var search = 0; var arr = ose. children;/* Get all li */function houxiaowei (json) {var jsonLength = 0;/* Initial Value of json length * // console. log (json. s); for (var x in json. s) {/* change the number of cycles to the json length */jsonLength ++;} // console. log (jsonLength); for (var I = 0; I <lis. length; I ++) {if (jsonLength = 0) {/* if the traversal length is equal to 0, the value of li is blank */arr [I]. innerHTML = null;} else {If (json. s [I]! = Null) {/* If the value of json [I] is not equal to null, put the value in li */arr [I]. innerHTML = json. s [I] ;}} if (count = lis. length-1) {count = 0; search = 0;} count ++; search ++;}/* click the value in li to display in the input box */function iptShow (thisId) {otext. value = arr [thisId]. innerHTML; window. location. href = "https://www.baidu.com/s? Ie = UTF-8 & f = 8 & rsv_bp = 1 & rsv_idx = 1 & tn = baidu & wd = "+ otext. value} otext. onclick = function (e) {ose. style. display = "block"; var e = event | window. event; e. stopPropagation (); // prevents bubble events. all browsers except IE8 and earlier are compatible with e. cancelBubble = true; // prevents bubble events, IE8 and below compatible // alert (e);}/* click anywhere in the body to hide li */document. body. onclick = function () {ose. style. display = "none";}/* trigger when you click Baidu btn and jump to the new connection */var btn = document. querySelector ("# btn"); coo Kies = []; btn. onclick = function () {/* Get the current input value */var otext = document. getElementById ("text "). value;/* use Baidu as the connection, pass in the input value, and jump to the new page */if (otext = "" | otext = null) {window. location. href = "http: // 8020/% E7 % 99% BE % E5 % BA % A6/%E7%99%BE%E5%BA%A6%E9%A6%96%E9%A1%B5.html? _ Hbt = 1516599867084 ";} else {window. location. href =" https://www.baidu.com/s? Ie = UTF-8 & f = 8 & rsv_bp = 1 & rsv_idx = 1 & tn = baidu & wd = "+ otext}/* loading page input is blank */function onloads () {var s = otext. value = null; $ myId ("text "). focus ();} function randomBack () {var randomBk = parseInt (Math. random () * 545); document. body. style. background = "url (https://ss3.bdstatic.com/lPoZeXSm1A5BphGlnYG/skin/" + randomBk + ". jpg? 2) "; document. body. style. backgroundSize =" 100% ";} '"

The realization of search function comes from Baidu's https://sp0.baidu.com/5a1Fazu8AA54nxGko9WTAnF6hhy/su? Wd = "+ otext. value +" & cb = houxiaowei. In this link, the "wd" value is the value to be searched in the input box, and a json object is returned. The value of & cb is a method or function used to extract the value in json and put it into li.


The above section describes how to implement the baidu search function in Javascript. I hope it will help you. If you have any questions, please leave a message and I will reply to you in a timely manner. Thank you very much for your support for the help House website!

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