Kill Google fonts, WordPress speed Skyrocket, googlewordpress_php tutorial

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Kill Google fonts, WordPress speed spikes, googlewordpress

July 7, 2014 23:40:31

Because Google is a wall, WordPress references Google fonts will always load for a long time, seriously affecting the speed of opening.

Install wordpress plugin Disable Google Fonts can solve, the speed soared, no longer worry about the site load time!

How to add Google fonts to your WordPress site template

By using Google Web Fonts, your blog can display fonts other than the usual "Arial", "Verdana" fonts without uploading any fonts. As we all know, the readability of a website depends on its design and appearance. The fonts that play the most important role in web design, and what fonts are used are important to your site templates. For example, Arial/helvetica (Sans-serif), Verdana and Georgia are the fonts of our common web design. These fonts provide a good readability, but if you want to use new fonts, all you need to do is make sure that the browser's network device has these fonts installed. This is difficult to determine. So you have to upload your own fonts to the server, and through the CSS to control. But now, there is a better free tool, that is Google Web fonts before you use the Google Web fonts service, please first understand the following two points: 1. Selecting too many fonts will slow down your blog loading speed, so you just have to choose what you must use. In order to avoid the slow speed of access to the situation occurs. 2. If you can only select the language you need, you will help prevent it from becoming slow on your page. 3. Currently the interface and preview language of Google Web fonts is not English (no prejudice to Chinese use). Google Web fonts can visually display a variety of web fonts, like Serif,sans-serif,display and handwriting, and you can explore certain properties, such as script display font, width, tilt, and thickness. All of these properties can be displayed in the side pane. When you choose the font you want, you can also visually preview the overall style such as words, sentences, paragraphs, and so on. Here's a simple tutorial to help you get better with Google Web fonts:1. Click Google Web Fonts to enter the Google Fonts service, select the font you want, and then click the "Add to Collection" button in the bottom right corner, where we select " Alike "font to be used as an example font for the entire tutorial. 2. After clicking "Add to Collection", a message appears at the bottom of the page "1 font family in your collection" with three buttons, namely "Choose", "Review" and "use". Here, we select "Use". That is, use. 3. It also requires a font setting. Select the available styles, such as bold, italic, and so on. But only for some specific fonts. Next, select a specific language character. Generate code. 4. Next is the code department, Google fonts to provide three application code, respectively, the standard mode "standards (EXTErnal stylesheet) ", Export Mode" @import method "and JS mode" JavaScript ". As needed, now you need the pattern, but here we recommend choosing the standard mode.

Joomla homepage Using Google font loading speed is particularly slow, how to change?

First look at the background template settings are not closed.
If there is no general in the template file index.php there is a link to Google fonts. can be commented directly. true techarticle kill Google fonts, WordPress speed soared, googlewordpress July 7, 2014 23:40:31 because Google is wall, WordPress reference Google fonts will always load a long time, seriously affect the open speed ...

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