Knowledge about IOS uinavigationcontroller and uitabbarcontroller

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1. Navigation uinavigationcontroller

Navigate to a controller:

[Navigatecontroller pushviewcontroller: loginview animated: Yes];

Code returned to the previous page:

[Self. navigationcontroller
Popviewcontrolleranimated: Yes];

Code returned to the root:

[Self. navigationcontroller poptorootviewcontrolleranimated: <# (bool) #>]

Return the fixed view code:

[Self. navigationcontroller poptoviewcontroller: <# (uiviewcontroller *) #> animated: <# (bool) #>:< # (bool) #>]

Sample Code:

Code example 1

-(Bool) Application :( uiapplication *) Application didfinishlaunchingwitexceptions :( nsdictionary
*) Launchoptions


Self. Window = [[uiwindow
Alloc] initwithframe: [[uiscreen
Mainscreen] bounds]

// Override point for customization after application launch.

Loginviewcontroller * loginview = [[loginviewcontroller
Alloc] init];

Loginview. Title = @ "User Login ";

Uinavigationcontroller * navigatecontroller = [uinavigationcontroller
Alloc] init];

Pushviewcontroller: loginview
Animated: Yes];

[Self. Window
Addsubview: navigatecontroller. View];

Self. Window. backgroundcolor = [uicolor

[Self. Window



Ii. uitabbarcontroller knowledge sorting

Code Example 2

-(Void) onlogin :( ID) sender


Uitabbarcontroller * tabcontroller = [uitabbarcontroller
Alloc] init];

Infoviewcontroller * info = [[infoviewcontroller
Alloc] init];

Info. Title = @ "phone bill query ";

Uinavigationcontroller * infonav = [uinavigationcontroller
Alloc] init];

[Infonav pushviewcontroller: info
Animated: Yes];

Uinavigationcontroller * indexnav = [uinavigationcontroller
Alloc] init];

Indexviewcontroller * indexcontroller = [indexviewcontroller
Alloc] init];

Indexcontroller. Title = @ "Buddha worship system ";

Pushviewcontroller: indexcontroller
Animated: Yes];

Tabcontroller. viewcontrollers = [nsarray
Arraywithobjects: indexnav, infonav,

Presentmodalviewcontroller: tabcontroller
Animated: Yes];


One or two examples of Code are as follows:

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