Knowledge required to install both Linux and Windows 10 Systems

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Knowledge required to install both Linux and Windows 10 Systems

Should I select Windows 10 or Linux Mint? Of course you can have both the fish and the bear's paw, but we have to master some tips to get it done.

Windows 10 is by no means the only free operating system worth installing on our computer. Linux runs smoothly with only one USB flash drive without any modifications to the existing system. Of course, if you plan to use it on a regular basis, you 'd better leave a place on your computer for Linux.

At the same time, you can install the Linux release and Windows, which are the "dual-System" solutions that we often mention. You can choose the OS you want to use when starting a PC device each time. For most people, this is the best way to install Linux, and we can always go back to the familiar Windows system environment by simply restarting.

You must install Linux after installing Windows.

If you want to use a dual-system boot mechanism, the most important thing is to install Windows before installing Linux. This installation order is very strict and cannot be mixed. Therefore, if you have a blank disk, first install Windows and then Linux. If you have already installed Windows, simply install Linux. Don't worry about me too much-say three times about important things!

After strictly following the above order, the Linux installer completes processing for the Windows system, sets the partition size, provides options in the boot loader, and allows us to choose to enter the Windows environment at startup.

The boot loader displays the Linux and Windows startup items on both systems.

If you first install Linux and then install Windows, Microsoft will directly ignore Linux and have no idea how to adjust the partition size, you may even use your own boot loader to overwrite Linux. In this case, if you still want to start the Linux system, you must first fix the damaged Linux boot loader. The Wikipedia entry of Ubuntu describes commands related to fixing the boot loader. You can click here to view the commands you need. Of course, you can also reinstall Linux. But the best way is to install Windows and Linux first. Remember to remember.

How to Set dual-system startup

The dual-system-guided installation process is also quite simple in the modern Linux release. The entire process is almost the same as the normal installation of the Linux release version-you only need to pay attention to an additional option.

First, select the desired Linux release. Download and create a USB flash drive or install it on a DVD. Start Windows on a PC that is running Windows-you may need to handle the secure startup settings on Windows 8 or Windows 10. Start the installation program, and then follow the prompts to perform step-by-step operations. Make sure that you have selected the option for coexistence between Linux and Windows, or manually adjust the partition option. If you like, you can also create a separate partition for Linux to avoid confusion with Windows. Note: Do not overwrite Windows using Linux.

For example, the Ubuntu installer provides the option "retain both Ubuntu and Windows", which is the correct answer. You can choose how much storage capacity you want to retain for your Linux system. In general, we need to re-adjust the Windows partition to free up the storage space for Linux, and all the space allocated for Linux comes from the Windows system. Therefore, how much storage capacity is allocated for the two depends on your personal choice-if you just occasionally play with the Linux system, you do not need to waste too much storage resources on it. However, if you plan to install a large number of Steam games or use them as the main system, you cannot be too stingy with the storage space.

From this perspective, the Linux installation program can be said to be quite mature, and the Windows NTFS partition can be adjusted without any changes. But most importantly, it can back up all important files to restore them in case of exceptions. Of course, the Linux installer can only adjust our Windows partitions and allocate them to Linux when there is a large amount of idle space. If your PC device has multiple disk drives, you only need to install Windows on one disk and Linux on the other. However, it should be emphasized that it is completely feasible to install the two on the same disk at the same time-there will be no conflict.

Select an operating system and share files

Switching between different operating systems is really easy. You only need to restart our computer to see the boot menu. Use the direction key and enter key to select a Windows or Linux system. This menu will appear every time you start the computer. However, if you do not press any button for ten seconds, most Linux releases will start to start by default. If your computer devices are newer and equipped with faster solid state drives, switching between Linux and Windows will be faster.

Linux also allows us to easily access our Windows files. We can also view Windows partitions in the File Manager of the Linux Desktop System to view and view Windows files more easily. In contrast, Windows does not provide a convenient Linux File System Access Mechanism. Most Linux distributions use the ext4 file system. Therefore, if you plan to view the Linux File System through Windows, you may have to use third-party tools that support the ext4 file system.

Dual-system startup configuration is equally important for PC game players who want to try their best on the Linux platform. Of course, if you find that a game only supports the Windows platform, you can restart and switch back to Windows to enjoy the best performance-without making any adjustments at all.

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