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Does Java have the ability to withstand lamp attacks? or lamp,. NET and Java will be three points in the world? is the former "cool" Java already become obsolete technology?

With the rapid development of the Internet open source trend, the global IT industry is ushering in a new development pattern into the long-term. For the global Open source system--lamp (Linux, Apache, MYSQL, PHP), it represents the open source software and applications, with its openness, low cost, security, applicability and reliability, the traditional software, hardware and system integrators have a huge impact, while, It also creates unprecedented opportunities for innovative it enterprises and program developers . As the software industry wind wave mouth Java, how much praise, how much praised. Does Java have the ability to withstand lamp attacks? or lamp,. NET and Java will be three points in the world? is the old "cool" Java already an outdated technology?

Lamp claims that Java is no longer the only option to develop software under Linux without the need for layers of concept. In this paper, the author will compare the two languages of lamp and Java in detail. The comparison will involve the origin, characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of the two languages. Hope that through this comparison, let the reader understand the characteristics of the two languages, so that in their own projects, according to the actual situation, as soon as possible to see the development of software language trends.

  first, the introduction

In 1998, Michael Kunze wrote the term "lamp" for the German computer magazine, C ' t, on how free software became a substitute for commercial software, the Linux operating system , the Apache web server , The MySQL database and the PHP (perl or Python) scripting language combination of--lamp (the beginning of the four technologies), with the lamp technology as a real beacon of the free software industry.

Lamp in English is "lamp" meaning, but in the IT industry of course not so simple meaning. This term is very popular in Germany. Represents the Apache Web server on the Linux platform; The MySQL database and the combination of Perl, Python, or PHP programming languages. I believe that this term will also be in our China's Open source code, and even the entire network began to become popular, LAMP will not only be a corporate Internet, the government's "beacon", should also be implemented within the enterprise intranet promising.

Lamp Open-source software-including Linux operating systems, Apache Web servers , MySQL databases and php---is moving into the mainstream computing market.

Java and. Net Tools Unified Commercial software development has been in the field for several years, but with the characteristics of easy development, fast updating and low cost, lamp is seen by many developers as a "gold combination", in recent years by the lamp collective open source manufacturers, or, indeed, the open source free community of lamp opens up the clarion call to attack the mainstream computing market. Even at the TechEd conference in 2005, Microsoft's President, Ballmer, named it windows and its "Microsoft has the ability to withstand the attack of lamp". Net Development software competitor. IBM, Intel, HP, Sun and many other manufacturers to propose open source contribution slogan, acquisition of Open Source Company, Intel, SAP investment PHP company Zend Technology; Lamp's open source and development potential are visible in the limelight.

LAMP represents more than open source, and it is an important platform for developing and implementing High-performance WEB applications. If Apache can represent lamp's share, then the site with lamp is almost already the main market, and look at Netcraft's monthly survey to see how popular Apache is. Foreign open source sites, such as Apacheweek,,, and so do not have to say, now many sites in the country also began to pounce on LAMP.

Lamp whether the performance, quality, or price should be the enterprise/Government departments must consider the Internet platform, lamp should be the IT industry, especially system integrators must choose and compare the platform.

  second, the Java response

The experience of life tells us that any kind of dominant technology, as long as it shows a little bit of progress slowly, it is possible to have a new concept or technology, to an insult. The author thinks that Java has experienced a benign competition in the field, and has achieved good results. At the same time, in some other areas such as high-performance computers, Java is playing its advantage, and in some respects such as J2me,java is fast developing.

Java has a good open source community support and is so flexible. Take a look at the sourceforge and you'll see that no language like Java has so many open-source components and software to exploit. So doesn't Java have the advantages that lamp claims? We can analyze it all.

L--java can be better run on Linux systems. Tomcat in the A--java community is one of the best application servers . M--java has a very efficient MySQL drive. P--java supports many scripting languages and is in the midst of rapid development. At the same time, Java tightly integrates and supports the stack of lamp.

There may be a lot of Java opponents who claim that the ease with which Java is used has always been the biggest obstacle to Java's popularity. The Java strain is not to change the language itself to make it simple, because if it becomes simpler, its ability to handle higher-order transactions is weakened. Java focuses on the simplicity of the tool. If you use Java Studio Creator, you can use drag-and-drop (drag and drop) to write AJAX components and database access, and custom pages are also pretty fast. The advantage of this is that the tool has done all the complicated things, and the developers have deployed the application to an integrated system with failover, remote management, and then there is no need to do a lot of things, many things are omitted.

Too many people say that Java writing something is good, but web development is not so good, but other development language and framework is relatively strong. Many developers use PHP to make Web pages. PHP language is completely used in web development, if you want to create a Web page, PHP is really useful, it is simply JSP (Java Serer Page) of the twins.

However, it is impossible for developers to only do Web pages. Once you start to do a lot of analysis or integration with other systems, need to involve the underlying data analysis, the light of PHP and other things are difficult, you need to use Java code to complete. The usual scenario is not a technique that replaces another technology, but a technology that complements another technique and multiplies the results. The most commonly seen is the use of PHP on the Web page, in the backend data analysis with Java.

Is Java losing momentum? I definitely can't agree with Java's declining view. Java to the end of life? The hot Java is just beginning. Java is still a mainstream development tool in large, complex enterprise-class applications, and Java is increasingly popular on mobile platforms. It is reported that the world has more than 600 mobile phone operating Java Virtual machine, the world's 10 big mobile phone games in 7 is the use of Java development. At the same time, Java has become the preferred language for most scientific research and computing use. More and more people in the university are using the Java language, and more and more cutting-edge academic research is being used entirely in the Java language; Companies in all industries have a lot of Java programmers developing their projects.

  Three, Java does not fall the reason

Why do you say Java in lamp,. NET and Ror under the siege and can be unbeaten? The author believes that there are mainly the following reasons:

First, other languages are specific areas of language, especially if only the web should

Use. and the scope of Java application is more broad. Can develop desktop programs, mobile games, DVD players and application servers. Java and some software have a natural intrinsic connection, such as Database,erp.

Second, Java has a lot of open source community support, look at Apache portfolio or SourceForge to understand this. This is one of the main reasons for the rapid development of Java. Java as a platform for the development of software, stable operation in a variety of operating systems, relative to rival other languages, such as C + + or C language, greatly improve people's productivity.

Third, the diversity of Java development platforms. There are a variety of JDK options, including Sun, IBM, BEA, and open source jdk. At the same time, there are a number of application servers to choose from, such as the open source Camp JBoss Application Server, Apache Geronimo, Sun GlassFish, and so on. In addition, there are a large number of commercial server platforms.

Four, scripting languages like PHP and Python are easier to learn than Java, and they are quite popular among developers, especially web developers. Many people, including some former proponents of the Java language, believe that the scripting language and the so-called lamp-open source components are booming, and this development has weakened the Java impact. One thing that is often forgotten, however, is that Java is a language of two levels: it is both a virtual machine and an ASCII language. Many people don't see the magic of Java as a virtual machine, because a lot of scripting languages are built on this virtual machine.

Finally, will Java be a general-purpose language and platform, or something specifically developed on an action or server platform? There are some plausible reasons here. On the one hand developers have to integrate things together, so that the environment can be used in many areas of power will be large, for Java, this is the strongest place. On the other hand, developers also want to focus on a particular area. But if you focus on the technology of the developer, the Java community is the most powerful place to use it in application servers, trading servers, a network protocol, mobile applications and factory automation control programs or smart phones. The last thing developers learned was a portable skill, not just a technology. If you talk to the CIO and CTO, you'll know that this is very important.

Iv. Advantages and disadvantages of lamp combination

The lamp portfolio is gaining market recognition, but does it already have the power to catch up with non-open-source competitors? is the best thing in life really free? Open source supporters are of course willing to let us believe this. Over the years, they have made the ever-improving lamp mix a free way to build and operate a business system.

But the lamp portfolio also has some potential drawbacks. An obvious difference between open source and proprietary software is the new feature. The development of private software providers depends on growth rates, which means increasing sales. This allows them to constantly develop new products. On the other hand, there is no such environment for open source development, which means that the pace of innovation is often much slower. You rarely see innovation in the forefront of open source products. For example, when Microsoft developed XML as a local data type in SQL Server, the open source MySQL database just took the stored program as a new ' feature ', which was several generations behind its competitors.

Expanding at the same time may be a challenge for lamp users. It is possible to extend to the lamp system using a clustered computer or blade server and an enterprise-class system such as Red Hat Linux, but this is not easy.

In many companies, lamp is still not officially recognised. But in open source development mode, everyone can make a contribution, which will drive lamp than Java or. Net faster forward. However, lamp is also unlikely to put the existing Java and. NET two camps to eliminate, because the big company customers will not only adopt a set of software.

The application promotes the open source development, the idea moves toward the practical application. Compared with Europe and the United States, the domestic lamp structure in the Enterprise key application of the application has yet to be improved. At present, the application of lamp in China is a problem: the application of the domestic open source database has started, but the development has not been linked with open source technology. If lamp is to develop, it is crucial to make commercial software.

There are serious problems in the commercialization of lamp. For example, the product of PHP seems to be that the technology is very good, but the Customer experience service is not followed, including installation prompts, upgrades and bug feedback and so on services are very rough, customers would prefer to select more commercial Java or. Net.

  v. Conclusion

There is no doubt that the lamp portfolio has its own value, but it needs to be used with care. It is an excellent tool for finding evidence for the viability of emerging business systems and conceptual business systems, but it also requires appropriate care and attention to become more efficient.

In enterprise-level development, Java has no doubt a complete advantage. Dyanimics and Groovy are one place where Java can be a big boost, making Java more dynamic and more adaptable to small applications. And EJB These, let alone, lamp and. Net, is basically not applicable. PHP is very popular, just prove that PHP in many simple applications, developers get started faster. The most important thing is that PHP and Java is not a level of comparison, if you want to compare, then it is MODE-1 jsp and PHP comparison. In particular, O/R, AOP, MVC, Patterns, XML config files, Tag libraries, etc., in PHP to achieve or to be a long time.

To paraphrase a saying, "As long as you work hard, you will be better." Java has the potential to be a very successful platform from PDA to server in any field. Java can continue to evolve on its dominant server side . You can also make Java as successful as client development by optimizing the release and installation of client programs. Regardless of the current situation, I believe that Java has the ability to become a perfect platform. By constantly improving, reducing the difficulty of getting started with developers, providing support for all platforms and operating systems, and providing support for more languages, the Java platform will be able to adapt to any level of development in any tier. By optimizing the client platform, Java is also a great success in the PC and mobile devices world.

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