Laruence's Linux Private food-Basic Learning (third edition) (v)

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Laruence's Linux Private food-Basic Learning (third edition) (v)

Chapter 5 install CentOS 5.x and multiple guide tips

1. Plan the exercise machine (especially partition parameters)

It is divided into four partitions:

1)/boot: primary

2)/: primary

3)/home: primary

4) swap: logical

2. Start to install CentOS 5

First, let's talk aboutAdjust startup media (BIOS).

Then I talked aboutSelect the installation structure and boot. We recommend that you use the GUI for installation.

Next, let's talk aboutSelect language data. Select a simplified Chinese language and an American English keyboard.

AgainDisk Partition. Use the "create custom partition structure" option. When selecting a file system type, you can:

1) ext2/ext3: it is a file system type applicable to Linux. ext3 has more log records, so select ext3.

2) pyhsical volume (LVM): a mechanism for elastically adjusting the file system size.

3) software RAID: use software to simulate the disk array function.

4) swap: Memory swap space. No mount point needs to be specified.

5) vfat: File System Types supported by both Linux and Windows.

For partitions in the/boot directory, select "Force primary partition", because the partition must be located at the beginning of the entire disk. The system automatically sets/boot's disk partition to/dev/hda1, And the start cylindrical number is 1. The swap partition is preferably between 1.5 and 2 times of the physical memory.

Next I will talk about it.Boot Loader, network, Time Zone settings, and root Password. Most of the latest Linux distribution currently uses grub boot programs. In Linux, the default account of the system administrator is root.

AndSoftware selection.

FinallyOther features: RAM testing, Kernel Parameters for installing a laptop (Option). When you enter the boot menu, enter memtest86 to test the memory pressure.

3. First setup after installation

First, the firewall and SELinux are set. SELinux (Security Enhanced Linux) is a Linux System Access Control refined settings, the focus is to control the program to the system file access permission settings, it is necessary to turn on this function.

Then, the Kdump and time zone are corrected. When a kernel error occurs, Kdump indicates whether to write the messages in the memory to the file. This file can be used by kernel developers to find out why the system is down. We recommend that you do not start Kdump here.

The last step is to create users and install sound cards and other software.

4. Multi-boot installation process and skills

First, let's talk aboutThe new host has only one hard disk.. Install Windows first and then Linux.

Then I talked aboutThe old host has more than two hard disks.. We recommend that you do not change the boot sequence in the BIOS, and then use grub to control all boot menus.

Last talkThe old host has only one hard disk.. In this case, you need to partition again, which is troublesome.

5. Problems Caused by hard drive failure

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