Learn about Microsoft Power BI Series-TIPS (6) Connect with SQLite database

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Long time no research power BI, see goofy big God to get things, too ashamed. Today there is a small thing, data in SQLite, want to Daoteng to power BI desktop inside toss, the results found not directly support. So had to bite the bullet to go, or else Daoteng to Excel also bother. I see support for ODBC drivers and think there's a way. Take a look at how power BI desktop connects to the SQLite database.

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This text address: http://www.cnblogs.com/asxinyu/p/Power_BI_Skills_Sqlite.html

1.ODBC Drive

First use search engine to find the article, found a few English:



Seems to be the driving problem, but everything is difficult at the beginning, a few articles mentioned in the links are not open ... And the SQLite website has no ODBC driver,

GitHub found the open source, but also the above address ... No way, another search, here omitted 1000 words, found the 32-bit and 64-bit SQLite ODBC driver.

The article is provided later, so as not to repeat the same, very painful.

The installation process is simple, remember to remember: To install your power BI desktop corresponding to the 32-bit or 64-bit version.

If you don't know what your power BI desktop version is, open: File->help->about, such as:

2.Power BI Desktop Connection SQLite

Later I also prepared a SQLite provincial information file, you can see. Here's a look at the connection method:

GetData, then select Other, and then select ODBC, such as:

Then click Connect Connection, see the following interface, if you do not install the above driver, the red box East is not.

Note that the above is SQLite3 DataSource, if it is Sqlite2 version, the driver installation process can be checked Sqlite2, hook on the good.

After selecting, open Advanced options, enter the connection string and the SQL statement you want to query (you can also add later):

Connection string: Driver={sqlite3 ODBC driver};d atabase=d:\china_regions.db;longnames=0;timeout=1000;notxn=0

Note that the file path itself, the other parameters can be self-search, I just copied one over, SQL is also the simplest:

SELECT * from Province

After the confirmation, the data will come out, the rest of you understand ....

3. Resources

1.sqlite3 ODBC driver Download: Sqliteodbc.rar

2.Sqlite sample file Download: China_regions.rar

Learn about Microsoft Power BI Series-TIPS (6) Connect with SQLite database

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