Learn C #. Is there a shortcut to net?

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no matter what programming language or technical framework to learn, in order to avoid " lost ", less detours, there should be a systematic, comprehensive learning route, the author believes that the general function of the software as the main line, from simple into the complex, one by one practice each function.

Getting started is the hardest , Getting started is not simply outputting "HelloWorld!" on your computer screen. , but should be to understand the programming language of the development environment and tools, learning and mastering basic controls, multi-application practice. The introductory phase of computer programming theory can be put aside, first learn how to use programming tools to develop small programs, and then explore how to develop more complex programs, and finally the systematic completion of the basic theory of knowledge. The author advocates "Rote Learning" method of self-study, first see the effect, and then back to explore why do so. If a beginner learns the sweetness, he will become more and more interested in software programming, thus entering a virtuous cycle of learning. If you learn C for a few weeks, you can only print some characters on your computer screen, write a loop, and do a math operation, then this beginner is likely to lose interest in software programming due to frustrated sense of accomplishment.

I study during collegeClanguage, although the exam results are good, butClanguage theory is still confused, full of doubts, learnCIt is unclear what language can do. BecauseCThe Classics and legends of language like it, but repeatedly because did not feelCWrite the program's sense of accomplishment and give up. Later, the authorStart taking part in some such as ACMthe algorithm class exam. I think that inThe process of learning a language has not been started. A visit to a bookstore, accidentally turned to a bookvb.netDevelopment combat, readingvb.netthe code is as easy and enjoyable as reading text, according to a bookWinFormcase, in just two months ' timeLearned to develop some projects. Later studyAsp,PHP,Javaand so the programming language is also very smooth. At this point, the square feeling suddenly, learn to program thisSeveralyears, has been mengmengdongdong, in the final analysis is not found entry point.

regardlessC#,Java,PHP, each programming language, syntax is very similar, function is similar, then follow this principle to learnJavaand theC #should be difficult to match, but most programmers think that learningJavato be more thanC #and the cost of learning is high. I think the main reason isJavadevelopment environment and resource acquisition is more difficult thanC #,C #in integrated development toolsVisual Studioyou can see through the wizard in minutesC #Write the program,Visual Studioprovided by Microsoft, the degree of improvement is much higher thanJavadevelopment environment. An interesting phenomenon is thatJavaprogrammers often look for the right version of theJarpackage, which is alsoJavaone of the key factors for open source projects and more resources. C #programmers have a lot less experience, because Microsoft has provided a very comprehensive.

Some programmers think that Microsoft's stuff is too easy to use, so learn . NET is not big enough to prove that you are smarter than others, and prefer the tool of knocking command line. I think that learning computer programming, you can first find a "soft persimmon", and then Gnaw "nut", so recommend beginners from C # and Win Form start.

The following is the author of the learning route, the function of the arrangement does not have an absolute order, just a reference direction, Welcome to criticize, welcome to add!

C # Learning Route

1. Install and familiarize yourself with the development tools or development environment

2. Create a project, output Hello World, and run the compiled demo program on another computer

3. Familiar with WinForm basic controls

4. Data type

5. Class and attribute definitions

6. Variables

7. Assigning values

8. Operators

9. String splicing, try to avoid frequent use + splicing, can use StringBuilder

10. String formatting, using the method of parameter substitution for string concatenation

11. Date-time formatting

12. Numeric formatting

13. Keep Decimals

14. Conditions

15. Cycle

16. Generate Random Numbers

17. Arrays

18. List

19. Queues

20. Referencing namespaces

21. On the console output

22. Font style

23. Shortcut keys

24. dialog box

25. File and folder operation

26. text file read, modify, delete and other operations

27. Character Set

28.XML file operation

29. Verification Code

30. Thumbnail image

31. Working with Excel

32. Operating WPS

33. Error Handling

34. Error Log

35. Binary Stream

36. Character encoding

37. Encryption and decryption

38. Timers

39. Multi-process

40. Send an email

41. Invoking the cmd command prompt

42. Connecting the database (http://www.huiyaosoft.com/html/csharpconndb.htm)

43. Database additions and deletions change operation

44. Data Set DataTable

45. Dictionaries

46. Familiarity with WinForm controls

47. Text Label label

48. Button

49. Text Box

50. Drop-down box

51. Date and Time selection box

52. Radio Box

53. check box

54. List box

55. Tabs

56. Split Bar

57. Tree

58. Data Form Datatablegridview/datagrid

59. Controls and events (stand-alone, double-click, get focus, lose focus, select)

60. Form Verification

61. Regular Expressions

62. Message dialog box

63. Confirmation Box

64. Input Box

65. Call the Web Service

66. Using proxies

67. Manipulating COM ports

68. Printing

69. Reports

70.Socket Communication

71. Small tray icon

72. Open a URL

Learn C #. Is there a shortcut to net?

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