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Two days ago, a very fortuitous opportunity, a CTO I interviewed software companies called to tell me that after looking at the current hype of Ajax technology, they found that they had already started using this technology to develop online CRM services a year or two ago.

He also gave me a demo site, after landing, I found that they really use AJAX technology, but also to play a very good, the use of the product and the original online software has changed a lot.

However, this did not surprise me. Because at an earlier time, I also saw a Shanghai software company's products, they have made use of Ajax technology, including a lot of technology to achieve B/s development can be as simple as C/s development. However, Ajax is known to everyone, but it is only after the Gmail and Google map to bring people a unique experience, only to be valued. Although this is a script and background server interaction technology, it sounds like a very professional technical terminology, but because it can give users a special sense of use, coupled with the media hype, seems to gradually become a new invention can change the Internet. Every time Google uses Ajax technology to launch an unexpected product effect, the domestic media is just a marvel: Ah, the original Web application can do so!

This is not something that happens all the time, in the internet age, things like this happen often. The most similar and most impressive of these is peer-to-peer technology. Peer-to-peer is also only a different PC users, not through the relay equipment directly exchange data or services technology, but because later by the people gave "make the internet equality" color, and was greatly hyped. However, when looking back now, we found that groove use peer-to-peer technology to create a new generation of collaborative office software, and ultimately by Microsoft acquisition, and Skype's founder is the use of Peer-to-peer technology links to create more than two billion enterprises. Do you wonder: The original Peer-to-peer technology can also be made to 4 billion of dollars worth of companies? But the domestic those who copied foreign peer-to-peer concept of products and did not achieve the success of the application.

Maybe we should think about why this is happening. The same kind of technology, the power that can be played in different hands is completely different. Some people who have the right to speak the Internet can not understand the value of technology, while some domestic technicians are only obsessed with some of the new technology of the cool, like to study the implementation of the technology details, but never thought how to use these technologies to create a unique application. From this level, Zhou's success has its inevitable, because after all, he saw the Web site and the Chinese counterpart of the technology and people's online combination of the birth of the huge market.

When it comes to Internet mania, we need some new technology to get eyeballs, and technicians need some new technology to evoke tired nerves. But, like many other technologies, Ajax is just a technology that sounds cool. If we still learn to imitate the application of foreign countries, if the technical staff is only addicted to the details of this technology, I believe it is still difficult to birth a super enterprise such as Skype. China needs a group of people who have a deep understanding of the value of technology and can be creative with the application of customers, only in this way, we will not always follow the other side of the butt, the following.

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