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C ++ Builder is a high-performance visual integrated development tool launched by Borland. It not only integrates most development tools, the C ++ Builder development tool also provides visual Form Designer, object observer, control board, Engineering Manager, integrated editor and debugger.

Here, you can buy a book about the C ++ Builder development tool getting started. Most of the books outside are simple examples of c ++ builder VCL, such as Edit, Label, image, and so on. Later, we will introduce some simple database components, Data Access, tables on Data Control, and DBGrid.

To truly learn and use c ++ builder, you must enter the development component COM, Use API functions, network programming, and Windows message programming, similar to Li Wei's "C ++ Builder 6 SOAP/Web Service Development" and "C ++ Builder deep Adventure, there are also "C ++ Builder advanced development technology" China Water Conservancy and hydropower Press, "C ++ Builder technology insider" and so on.

In fact, C ++ Builder development tools are quite easy to use, at least I think it is easier to use than VC ++. C ++ Builder uses the RAD interface, which is easier to use than VC. However, standard C ++ is the basis for developing windows programs.

At the beginning, it may be easier to get started, especially for the interface. However, if you want to go deeper, you should look at the windows SDK. You don't need to go deeper, but you need to figure out the operating mechanism of the windows program; we also need to learn about VCL, COM, COM +, and so on ...... you have to learn.

1. I hope to discuss some methods with you in mind, such as syntax, vcl, mfc, com, and dll, which will be better applied in that aspect. Different Languages have different functions, I think everyone should be the same with me when using different software. I think that is not a programmer. Of course, you don't need to do anything. Is it important)

I am a code worker. I have to think about this problem tomorrow. Yes, I am really tired and don't want to do it, but what can I do? Maybe we are sad. I often think of some of my friends. They are good. There is a program ~ Friend, he once told me that he would always do software, but the last time he told me to drink, he drank a lot and I saw him cry, he told me that he was about to resign.

He promised a school that he was going to be a teacher. I didn't believe it. He would leave. He used to start from the dos compilation, chinese unix really wants him to be as good as he is, but he still has to leave, although he can be a system analyst, he is only 37 years old.

I don't know how long I will do it. I just want to be younger than him. We have a long way to go, but I still have to think about it. Maybe his departure is a relief, but he went well. I am not talking too much nonsense here. I should not say this here. Maybe this evening is special. Maybe no one will come here. I don't think I will come.) But I will be with you. China's software journey is still very long. Maybe one day it will be irrelevant to me)

2. Everyone who learns C has this idea !! Who is it?

Difficult to learn and use VC, long development cycle, less bugs, fast product development, small size, high stability, and good compatibility. VC uses the MFC library to encapsulate API functions, which are technically mature and complete. there are many auxiliary development tools for VC.

CB is easy to learn and use, has a short development cycle, and has many bugs. It is slow to develop, large in size, low in stability, and poor in compatibility. CB adopts the VCL library to encapsulate API functions. It is technically immature and advanced, and has incomplete functions. CB has fewer auxiliary development tools. Soon Microsoft launched the cross-platform network language C #. for C ++ Builder development tools: It is really a wolf. borland does not have to deal with it with caution. It is like Netspace in Netspace, which never has a chance to turn over.

Even with advanced technologies. it will be like your Borland C ++ being forced out of the market by Microsoft Visaul C ++. C # the elimination of c ++ Builder should Borland make C ++ Builder as proud as Turbo C. like AMD and. it is hoped that Borland will first improve the VCL library, improve compatibility, increase stability, reduce bugs, and provide multiple development auxiliary tools. later, a C # BUILDER to compile technology, as long as you re-compile the C ++ Builder development tool source code can be cross-platform.

In fact, many VC programmers switch to C ++ Builder development tools and use their own experience, abilities, and ideas to minimize the shortcomings of C ++ Builder. learn C ++ Builder for beginners, and learn the OOP ideas of api windows and C ++. finished !!! What do you think is yours !!!!

3. I personally think that using VC and BCB in the same project will give you an idea of their benefits.

Basically, I like to use VC to write DLL Code unrelated to the interface) and BCB to write code related to the interface. But sometimes, because some code has been written as VC or some programs in the company only use VC), it is very convenient to change to DLL and interface-related, such as dialog box or even CView ).

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