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Believe that your answer is to believe that your program to run the results. For different problems in different information may have different answers, like a pony across the river, different people may have different answers, so do not blindly believe anyone, to believe in themselves.

1, more hands

Learning programming languages is not only a theoretical study, but also the use of this language to serve your thoughts. It is important to understand this language, but to reach the point of understanding, mastery must be done, more time, more examples. Computer science is a practice-oriented discipline, successful software developers are all through a lot of physical training, only the combination of theory and practice can really master only and skills.

2. Multi-Brain

For the learning of the Java language, not only for the language itself, but also for the process of object-oriented curriculum vitae, if you want to upgrade Java learning to a higher level, the Java private school proposed from the beginning with an object-oriented way of thinking to face everything you touch.

3. Multi-Check API documentation

Java provides a large number of classes to meet networked, multi-threaded, object-oriented needs. This is J2SEAPI, it is the basic method of Java programming, is also the resources that the programming process uses continuously. Java learning process is not only the basic grammar of learning, more is to learn and master the API class library it provides. For the access to the class, method, all go to read the documentation carefully, and then use their own examples to go to this time.

4. Restrain oneself, standardize coding habit

Developing good coding habits is of great significance for a programmer. On the one hand, good programming habits to reduce the coding process of some man-made errors can play an active role in avoiding; on the other hand, a piece of program writing good or bad, not only functional implementation, more important is the readability, maintainability, no one is willing to read a paragraph without order, messy code. We suggest that you should always think of the coding: if this code for others to see, whether others understand, the level is clear.

5. Use a meaningful name

A name, a sign, is a simple expression of meaning. In the process of writing a program, make a meaningful name for each class, each method. In the process of reading the program, see the name can know her more complete function.

6, add the right amount of comments

Annotation is not only a kind of annotation to the program logic processing, but more improves the readability and maintainability of the program. As a software product, even if only a small function of the implementation, the different variables and methods may be many, although in the process of naming the use of meaningful names, but can not fully cover the function and content of variables and methods, many in order to improve the readability of the program, add a certain annotation is very necessary. Reasonable annotation can not only play the role of beautifying the program but also improve the readability and maintainability of the program.

7. Believe in Yourself

Believe that you include two aspects, one is to believe in their own ability, and the second is to believe their own answers.

To believe in your ability is to believe that you have the ability to solve problems. The quality of a programmer is not directly decided whether to write good code, more important is whether they can solve the debugging process of any problems encountered, very few programmers write a successful code, only in the continuous debugging, the revision in order to write a real good code. The process of debugging and problem solving is the process of learning and improving oneself.

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