Learning PHP from scratch-first day

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: This article mainly introduces PHP learning from scratch-the first day. For more information about PHP tutorials, see.

I wrote this series of articles to urge myself to regularly and quantitatively digest some knowledge every day!

At the same time, in order to let the people in need learn something ~!

My technology is really not high! This article may contain errors! I hope you will be able to remind me and everyone after discovering this!

Secretly speaking, the final goal of this tutorial is to implement a PHP framework (although it may be far away from me !~)

Main reference content: MOOC network-Big Talk PHP design pattern Web site: http://www.imooc.com/learn/236

1. PHP Editor (IDE) selection

I have tried many mainstream PHP editors, but I have not used them for a long time. some comments may be too one-sided:

1. Zend Studio listened to the first PHP-related course. the teacher used this feeling. it was really good. it was rare to get stuck during the operation! Maybe I didn't have enough computer configuration (I tried it at the time, but the cracked version didn't support namespaces, so I gave up using it)

2. the second IDE used by Netbeans does not require the registration code to be used directly, but the code cannot be used on my computer prompts

3. sublime text3 common PHP file modification is very convenient, fast, and easy to use. if you really want to use it as an IDE, you have to go about it.

4. PhpStrom overall feeling very good code prompt + code jump + custom style running speed is not bad.

Next we will use PhpStrom to start my learning journey.

II. PHP Editor-PhpStrom Installation Overview

We recommend that you download a version from the official website. do not download any version that is out of the box. (some people may not understand the English version !~ Let's recognize it together! If you do not understand English, you cannot !)

PhpStrom official website: http://www.jetbrains.com/phpstorm/

: Http://www.jetbrains.com/phpstorm/download/

Current Download link: http://download-cf.jetbrains.com/webide/PhpStorm-8.0.3.exe (can not open the above link, the link directly threw in Thunder)

Currently available PhpStrom serial number (from the Internet ):


User Name:
License Key:

===== License begin ====
20172usvson704l "dILe1PVx3y4" B3
Gd1BebYc5U "6OxDbVsALB4Eb10PW8"
===== License end ====

PS: If you have money, buy a genuine copy !~ After all, it is developed ~ Buy a genuine version, worry-free ~ But I don't have the income to eat a meal and it's hard for me .....

I will not talk about the installation process .... The installation is successful!




The above introduces PHP learning from scratch-the first day, including the content, hope to be helpful to friends who are interested in PHP tutorials.

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