Learning Note: Windows Server R2 Server builds SQL Server R2 environment

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First, pre-installation preparation

1. Download the SQL Server version, select the appropriate version under the Portal's left menu server module, because the operating system version of the server is Windows Server R2, I select the SQL Server version R2.

2, in order to speed up the installation, to prevent the installation failure due to residual in the middle, we first determine whether there is a residual SQL Server inside the operating system, first uninstall SQL Server under the Control Panel program, and then in order to uninstall completely, the use of Windows clear up will be removed with the residue.

3, after downloading SQL Server R2 ISO image file, here Please do not use decompression software decompression, we need to use virtual optical drive to download photographed image, virtual optical drive software I use daemon Tools Lite, here is not affixed to the portal, you can nature FTP Installed under the required directory, after installing Daemon Tools Lite, launch the software, click on the bottom left of the download photographed like button, add the downloaded SQL Server R2 image.

After a period of loading, we can see the newly mounted optical drive under my computer.

Ii. Installing SQL Server R2

1. Open the newly mounted optical drive and run the Setup program in the file list

2, after the operation into the installation center, where we select the installation in the left menu bar, after selecting the first new installation or adding functionality to an existing installation, the program automatically performs the detection of support rules

3, prompt us to enter the product key, yes, we want to support the genuine

4, accept the license terms, we select the first one on the line

5. Installation related supporting documents

6, set the role to install a specific configuration, where we select the first SQL Server feature installation

7, choose the function of installation, we choose Select All

8, the instance configuration, we select the default instance

9, server configuration, click on all SQL Server services to use the same account, and then in the pop-up box in the dropdown box to select the appropriate account

10, Database engine configuration, account settings Select Mixed Mode, and enter the corresponding password

11. Analysis Services Configuration, account settings We choose to add the current user

12, Reporting Services Configuration, we choose the first to install the native default configuration

13, after this many configuration process, finally to our installation, the path of the configuration file by default can be

Third, the installation process of error handling

1. After clicking Setup to run the program, pop up the following popup box

Workaround: Place the landingpage.exe_strongname_ under directory C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Microsoft_Corporation Ryspccglaxmt4nhllj5z3thycltsvyyx folder Delete, run Setup again

2. The following error occurred while installing program support files

Workaround: Run the cmd command prompt as administrator and enter the command secedit/configure/cfg%windir%\inf\defltbase.inf/db defltbase.sdb/verbose

3. The following error occurred during server configuration

WORKAROUND: This click uses the same account for all SQL Server services, and then follow the steps above.

Ding Feng Xiao Hu
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Learning Note: Windows Server R2 Server builds SQL Server R2 environment

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