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Learning the PHP battlefield diary-Dream Chaser

Learning the php battlefield diary-dreaming ...... I don't know when we were experiencing too much helplessness in our lives. whether we were in our teens or even our twenties, 1.1 million drops have worn out a lot of things on us, it includes a kind of enthusiasm, a self, a hot blood, and a piece of true love that has to be shelved. The great dreams in old memories seem to have really paused in the field of childhood. we carry the burden of life, and the farther we leave it in the wind, the more sighs.

I don't know when to start. we know the "brother-in-law PHP Training School". Before that, we spread across different regions in China, doing different jobs and talking about different dialects, different scenery passes by, driving different wine tables, 9 to 5, or wearing stars and months. Shoulder to shoulder with the ardent expectations of the parents, pick strong honey in marriage, there is a heavy life in this life, or don't stop, or in a hurry.

Today, we are all together. There are many reasons why we can't say anything, and there are more endless stories. However, compared with the struggling life, those are no longer so important. Here, you only need to know that "learning is a habit". here, you only need to know that "the reasonable requirement is exercise, and the unreasonable requirement is training ", your only task is learning. This is not just a skill training, but also a kind of tempering of life attitude. this brother lent us wings to take off.

Brother, if you have another dream, run with us in the wind and dream together, because life and life should have been like this. The coming May may make us go harder and harder, but don't retreat. on a dark night, we may fear even a little bit of light. Because we are still on the road.

Let's Dance on the keyboard in the black five months and use code to prepare a blueprint for our own dream. let's beat on the keyboard in May, record things and fragments worth thinking at every busy morning and night.

I hope that our brothers will actively share their thoughts on life, the ups and downs of life, and the methods of learning to be refined in our battlefield diary. for every person who leaves home alone, sharing is a kind of kindness, trust, and warmth. I don't know how long the battlefield diary of our 99-phase php class will continue to be written, but I believe that even if we get tired again in a day, the boys will press "enter" in the dark ", this is because what we record here will be the greatest memories of each of us in the future.

If the diary is no longer updated, I believe that we will seize the day of our dream.

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