Learning PHP together: how to install Zend server Ce on Ubuntu (2)

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The installation of Zend server in Windows has encountered setbacks. Ubuntu is installed in the Virtual Machine and Zend server is installed in Ubuntu.

Step 1: Build the environment

1. Add Zend repository to/etc/APT/sources. List

VI/etc/APT/sources. List

Add at the end of the file

Deb http://repos.zend.com/deb/pe PE non-free

Save the file.

2. Run the command to add the public key of Zend's Repository:

# Wget http://repos.zend.com/deb/zend.key-o-| apt-key add-

3. Then synchronize the Zend Repository:

# Aptitude update

Now you can use the aptitude command to install and upgrade Zend server and some extension packages.

Step 2: Install Zend Server

After the installation environment is successfully set up, it is very easy to install Zend server.

Aptitude install Zend-PE

You will be prompted to download a large file (about 60 MB) and how much space will be occupied after installation (about MB ). Download and install the SDK.

After the installation is complete, the system reminds you that the Zend server has been started.

Step 3: Start Zend Server


Http: // 10081/zendserver

You can log on to the Zend server.

Step 4: install other extension software packages.

It is easy to install the software package, just enter

Aptitude install XXXXX

It can be easily done. Recommended software packages:

  • Php5-extra-extensions-zend-pe-Other PHP extensions
  • Php-source-Zend-pe-Zend PHP source code that has been patched
  • Php-Dev-Zend-pe-Zend development kit, including PHP header files, library files, and PECL
  • Java-bridge-Zend-pe-extensions of Java programs can be directly used in PHP files
  • Php-loader-Zend-pe-Zend protects the code
  • PhpMyAdmin-Zend-pe-the well-known phpMyAdmin to facilitate MySQL management.
  • Dojo bound to the Zend-framework-Dojo-pe-Zend framework.
  • Other components in Zend-framework-extras-pe-Zend framework
Step 5: Online upgrade

Online upgrades are also very easy

Aptitude update

Aptitude upgrade

Finally, how to uninstall Zend Server

How to uninstall Zend server according to official information

1. Delete Zend server completely without leaving any files

Aptitude purge '~ Nzend. *-PE'

2. If you need to retain some configuration files, the unmount command is

Aptitude remove '~ Nzend. *-PE'

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