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There are countless popular JavaScript libraries, such as jquery, mootools, prototype, dojo, and Yui. These JavaScript libraries are rich in functionality, and their plug-ins are almost competent for any job. However, there is a price. These libraries often lead to a bloated page size. In some cases, if you only want to do specific work, you can use some lightweight libraries with more specific functions. This article introduces some excellent lightweight JavaScript libraries.

1. Form-related
A low-profile open-source project simplifies most common JavaScript form functions, including form verification functions that can be used directly, and also provides powerful form synchronization and form condition judgment functions.

Another low-profile JavaScript form verification framework. It has the integration logic. Some settings can be global, single form, or single object. Provides two APIs, including Ajax support, cache, and callback functions. It provides HTML-like API statements and object-oriented JavaScript APIs.

A lightweight form verification library. In addition to the traditional verification function, it also provides real-time verification that can be entered once.Ruby on RailsUsers may find this library very useful because their naming rules and parameters are very similar. This database has both an independent version and a prototype version.

A powerful, flexible, and scalable Form Verification library. Supports various scenarios, from simple verification of dates, email addresses, and Integers to complex regular expressions. Built-in Ajax support. The output error messages can be located at the object level.

A complete solution for processing forms. Features include various verification rules to prevent multiple releases and to lock or unlock the input box.

Table-Based Multi-column design is always a challenge. This micro-library turns traditional forms into beautiful multi-column forms.

2. animation-related
$ FX ()
A lightweight library for moving HTML objects. You can change any CSS attribute on a timeline. For complex animations, you can combine various effects to group objects for parallel motion.

A JavaScript library that generates intermediate frames. Its API is similar to the famous intermediate frame engine Tweener. You can specify the animation time to define the switching effect and latency. Events can be triggered at almost any point.

Facebook Animation
A powerful tool for creating customizable CSS-based animations. In facebook animation, several lines of code can improve the UI. The syntax is the same as that of fbjs (for Facebook libraries.

A simple JavaScript library with a syntax similar to Yui can create intermediate frames for almost any CSS attribute. Color and scroll animation are supported. You can set the to and from values for the object.
3. visual and graphic Effects

JS charts
Supports bar charts, pie charts, and simple curves. Directly Insert the library into the webpage and call data from the XML file or Javascript array variable. PNG format, compatible with all major browsers.

Canvas 3D JS Library (c3dl)
C3dlMakes 3D programming easy. Provides a set of mathematics, scenarios, and 3D objects. You can develop 3D content directly in a browser without deep 3D knowledge.

Processing. js
This is the transplantation of the processing language in JavaScript. Rich 2D output functions. Provides processing functions such as drawing, color processing, Font, and object.

Rapha? L
An amazing JavaScript library can implement vector graphs on the web. With SVG, the graphics created by VML can be changed or bound to events. Extremely rich functions, including rotation, animation, scaling, etc.

This JavaScript library adds effects to images, such as blur, sharpening, relief, and brightening. Imagefx uses canvas objects to achieve these effects and is compatible with all mainstream browsers. This library is very easy to use. You only need to insert the. js library file into the webpage and call those functions.

PixasticThe HTML5 canvas object allows operations on original pixels. Effects include desaturation, gray level, reversal, brightness, contrast adjustment, tone, saturation adjustment, relief, and blur. Because HTML 5 canvas objects are used, they are not compatible with all browsers.

Reflection. js
A very low-key JavaScript automatically implements the reflection effect. The height of the reflection, and the transparency can be adjusted. All mainstream browsers are supported. The file size is smaller than 5 kb.

4. Database
Taffy DB
A JavaScript library can be viewed as an SQL server in a browser or an advanced array manager. In an Ajax program, it can be used as a database layer, and can be used to create, read, edit, and delete data, and to use loops, sorting, and advanced queries.

Activerecord. js
This library supports Google gears, chrome, Aptana jaxer, Adobe AIR, and any platform that supports HTML 5 SQL rules (WebKit and iPhone are currently supported ). You can automatically create tables to verify and synchronize data.

5. String and mathematical functions
Date. js
Dealing with dates is not easy. There are many formats to deal.DatejsIt can well process simple or complex date functions. The date can be parsed into formats such as "next Thursday" and "+ 2 years". All date formats are also supported, such as 2009.01.08, 12/6/2001.

A mathematical JavaScript library for processing vector and dot matrix, including multi-dimensional vector and dot matrix modeling classes, as well as some models in 3D space.

Pretty date
A very good JavaScript library that displays dates in a very nice and friendly way.

The Regexp object in Javascript already supports regular expressions,XregexpAdded more functions that may be included in future browsers (ecmascript 4-ES4 ). This library caches the Regexp object and adds many new features.

Javascript URL Library
A JavaScript library used to process a URL. It can process any part of the URL.

6. Fonts
Typeface. js
This library allows you to use any font on the webpage, but it is different from flash-based solutions like sifr and fliR,Typeface. js100% Based on JavaScript, you only need to upload your font file to a web-based generator, and then download the generated Javascript file back to include it in the webpage.

Similar to typeface. JS,CufónYou can also use any font on the webpage. Similarly, it uses a generator to convert the font to VML and include the generated. js file to the webpage.

7. debugging and recording
People often use alert () to debug javascript programs,BlackbirdProvides a beautiful console record, view, and filter program running.

Cross-browser JavaScript Object Record and check tools based on browsers.

Firebug Lite
Currently, the best JavaScript debugging tool is notFirebugDoes not belong to, but this tool only supports FirefoxFirebug LiteInsert a. js file into your web page to implement the firebug function in all browsers.

8. Others
This is the most popular method for referencing flash objects. You can generate standard SWF reference code and test the Player version. If the user version is not supported, the backup content is displayed.

Whether you like it or not, table is still the best way to present data, but it can be used better.SorttableYou can sort table data by adding a class = "sortable" flag to the table and excluding the specified column.DragtableYou can drag the column of the table and add the class = "dragable" icon to the table. These two classes can be used in combination. You only need to add class = "sortable dragtable.

Dd_roundiesYou can achieve the rounded corner function without relying on images. It is only for IE and implemented through VML. other browsers will be skipped because those browsers support CSS rounded corners.
Dd_belatedpngIt was developed to solve the problem that IE6 does not support PNG well, no matter whether PNG images are used for SRC or background-image,Dd_belatedpngCan be repaired.

Custom JavaScript dialog boxes
A lightweight JavaScript library with a size of 4.5 kb can create user-defined dialog boxes to display four types of message boxes, alerts, warnings, prompts, and success. You can set the message box title, content, and display for too long.

GamejsThe xNa game framework of Microsoft is transplanted on JavaScript, And the canvas object is used as the output device. Javascript is not the best gaming platform, but it is no problem for games with low frame rates.

Shortcuts. js
Starting from Google Reader and Gmail, shortcut keys in web programs have become popular.Shorcuts. jsMakes it easy to process shortcuts.

Many map providers provide different APIs. If you want to change providers, such as from Google Maps to Mapquest, you need to update the code,MapstractionProvides APIs for commonly used map providers, which can be converted with only one line of code.

A 4 K mini JavaScript library can add beautiful tutorial functions for your website. A mode window will display any content in the form of a tutorial, the steps in this tutorial can be manually encoded or automatically generated online. You can use themes or CSS to control the content format.


Jsload can remotely load various JavaScript libraries from Google server and automatically load support libraries of various versions.


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