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Linux | XAMPP build Discuz Forum I

XAMPP is the most popular PHP development environment
XAMPP is a free and easy-to-install Apache release that includes MySQL, PHP, and Perl. The setting of the XAMPP open source package makes installation and use surprisingly easy.

: Https://

1)Get xampp
After finding the version number of your system through the above connection

Wget-c URL

Obtain the download link. Here, the download format is. run.

2)Install xampp(CentOS7 64 is downloaded in version 5.6.8)

Run the following command under the root user:Chmod + x xampp-linux-*-installer. run

Do not prompt to continue execution:./Xampp-linux-*-installer. run
Run the following commands as prompted:Y-enter-yThese four commands are waiting for the installation to complete.

Test: cd/opt/lampp
LsThe installation result is displayed.

1.'*'Indicates the version number.XamppInstalled on/Opt/lampp
2.Uninstall xampp: rm-rf/opt/lampp

3)Enable xampp

/Opt/lampp startRun OK ..... Apache and Mysql have been started.
/Opt/lampp stopStop
Intranet users can enter: http: // localhost in the browser.
Failed access by Internet users via ip address please refer to the previous article by the blogger: Linux | XAMPP Linux 5.6.8 64bit external network access cannot be solved

4)Configure the xmapp Security Password
-Because the default security configuration of xampp is very weak
-The MySQL Administrator (root) has no password.
-MySQL can be accessed through the network.
-ProFTPD uses "lampp" as the password for the user name "nobody.
-PhpMyAdmin can be accessed over the network.
-The sample program can be accessed through the network.
-MySQL and Apache run under the same user name (nobody.
In practice, please use the following command to change the password!

Run:/Opt/lampp securityChange passwords in sequence

1. When the password is set in this way, you will be prompted to enter the user name and password again through http: // localhost or http: //
2. Note that phpMyAdmin cannot be opened at this time, and a Password error will be prompted. You need to configure the phpMyAdmin configuration file and configure the username and password in it.

SecurityCommand cannot be modifiedPhpmyadmin management toolYou need to manually go to the logon Password
/Opt/lampp/phpmyadminModifyConfig. inc. php configuration file-->Vi config. inc. php

5)Start and run xampp

Run:Vi/etc/rc. d/rc. local
Add a line at the end:/Opt/lampp start
Save and exit. The next time the server restarts, xampp will automatically restart all components.


Regular backup is a good habit, and the xampp backup method is extremely simple.
/Opt/lampp backup**

Tips:**Indicates the root password in Mysql.

You only need to execute the restore xampp method.


Tips: ** indicates the root password in Mysql!
After recovery, you must restart xampp!

8)Default website directory


Sudo permission is not very convenient. select a new directory:/www/htdocs (change the permission)
Give those with drive letter mounting errors a remedy!

Run: Vi/opt/lampp/etc/httpd. conf
Modify two parts/Opt/lampp/htdocsThe absolute path to your new directory!

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