Linux 2200bg wireless Nic configuration diary (Wireless Configuration)

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Linux 2200bg wireless Nic configuration diary (Wireless Configuration)

Keyworkds: Wireless; T43; 2200bg; ipw2200; Fedora Core 3 (FC3 );


Card: Intel PRO/wireless 2200bg;

System:FC3 (2.6.9-1.667 );



2) ipw2200-1.0.0.tar.gz (said to be stable version)
Or: Download

0) Login as root

1) rpm-IVH
Install the hardware driver so that your wireless NIC will start (you need to restart your computer ).

2) tar zxvf ipw2200-1.0.0.tar.gz
CD ipw2200-1.0.0
Make install

You will see a message about firmware; ignore it. It is installed in step 1st.

3) reboot

4) The rest is simple. Use the network tool or execute "IFUP eth1" (my card is eth1.


1) the following error message is displayed when the NIC is started:

[Root @ Venus firmware] # IFUP eth1
Error for wireless request "set bit rate" (8b20 ):
Set failed on device eth1; operation not supported.

Determining IP information for eth1... done.

It is said to be a development bug and can be ignored as much as possible.

2) If the network is still disconnected after configuration, try this:

Run the "dmesg" command to check the information. If you receive the following information:

Eth1: duplicate address detected!
Eth1: duplicate address detected!
Eth1: duplicate address detected!
Eth1: duplicate address detected!

Find the system service, find the NetworkManager, and close it completely.
This service seems to recognize the wireless network card as wired, but it does not understand; from here:

Okay, my network card is completely installed; I use the default eth1 configuration, and my neighbor's Network
No Password, huh. I won't use complicated settings :)

Descrithanks to Google and documents search by Google


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