Linux add shortcut keys to turn the touchpad on or off

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Linux add shortcut keys to turn the touchpad on or off

There are two commands that are used to turn the touchpad on and off

Command: Synclient touchpadoff=1--Close Touchpad

Command: Synclient touchpadoff=0--turn on touch pad

The above command is unsuccessful, please look down.

However, you need to open the option Shmconfig first, or you can run these two commands with an error:

Can ' t access shared memery area. Shmconfig disabled?

To open this option, you need to add a file:


The following content is placed in the file:

<?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "UTF-8"?>

<deviceinfo version= "0.2" >


<match key= "Input.x11_driver" string= "Synaptics" >

<merge key= "Input.x11_options. Shmconfig "type=" string ">on</merge>




Each of the two shortcut keys can be tied to the two commands, such as <super>+f8 is open, <super>+f9 is closed, but this is inconvenient, it is best to a shortcut key can be switched between the two states. We need a script to do this thing.

Write a script file, which reads as follows:



#这段脚本用来关闭或打开触摸板, the runtime switches between the two states.

#使这段脚本起作用, you need to set the system's option Shmconfig to Yes first.

#Vivian Wang

Import subprocess

Stdreturn = subprocess. Popen (args= ' synclient-l ', shell=true, \

Stdout=subprocess. Pipe,stderr=subprocess. PIPE). Communicate ()

If Len (Stdreturn)

Exit ()

Vl=stdreturn[0].split ()

I=vl.index (' Touchpadoff ')

If i<0:

Import GTK

Import PYGTK

MD = GTK. Messagedialog (None, \

Gtk. Dialog_destroy_with_parent, GTK. Message_info, \

Gtk. BUTTONS_OK, "Shmconfig should be enabled.")

Md.set_position (GTK). Win_pos_center) ()

Md.destroy ()

Exit ()

Subprocess. Popen (args= ' synclient touchpadoff= ' +str (1-int (vl[i+2])), shell=true)

The script will read first whether the current state of the touchpad is on or off, and then call the corresponding command to turn it on or off.


chmod +x

Set it to executable.

Binding shortcut keys you need to tick commands in Compizconfig and then add a command:


Point to the script file in the preceding section.

Then, in the key Bindings page, set the binding key value for this command to <SUPER>+F9.

This toggles between turning the touchpad on and off when <SUPER>+F9 is pressed.

After practice, commands are always valid. But there are also accidents, there will be shmconfig open state failure situation, the system or error said "Shmconfig should be enabled.", the specific reason is not clear, it seems that the use of compizconfig is prone to this situation. The above script, in this case, pops up a dialog box to prompt you. If this happens, it's OK to reboot the system normally.

To make the above script run up, you need to install Python2. X, python-gtk2 these components.

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Linux add shortcut keys to turn the touchpad on or off

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