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This article summarizes the following commands:

Wc:word Count

-L: Shows only the number of rows

-W: Show Only words

-c: Show byte size only

Cut: (remove sections from every line of files) deletes a fixed portion of each row of the file, used to match the separator, and then filters the desired column contents

-D: Specify separator

-F: Specify the fields to display

M: Column M

M,n: Subsections m and N columns

M-n: M to nth column

Sort sorting

-F: Ignore character case

-T: Specify separator

-K: Specifies the location number of the separator

-N: Sorting by numeric size

-U: Sort after to heavy

Uniq:(report or omit repeated lines) reports or ignores duplicate rows, easy to ignore-C, can count repeat times


1. Display the shell of each user on the current system;

# cut-d:-f1,7/etc/passwd

2. Display all kinds of shell used by all users on the current system;

# cut-d:-f7/etc/passwd | Sort | Uniq

3. Remove the 7th line of the/etc/inittab document;

# Head-n 7/etc/inittab | Tail-n 1

4, remove the user name of the 7th user in the/etc/passwd file;

# Head-n 7/ETC/PASSWD | Tail-n 1 | Cut-d:-f1

5. The number of files that start with the case of P-/etc in the statistics directory;

# ls-d/etc/[pp]* | Wc-l

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