Linux chsh command parameters and usage detailed

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Use Rights: All users

Command: CHSH

Usage:shell>> CHSH

Description: Change the user shell settings


Shell>> Chsh

changing fihanging shell for User1

Password: [del]

New Shell [/bin/tcsh]: ### [is currently used Shell]


Shell>> chsh-l ### Display/etc/shells archive contents







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1 I want to know which shells are installed on my machine?

There are two ways to view:

First type:

[ ~]$ Chsh-l





The second type:

[ ~]$ Cat/etc/shells





In fact, Chsh-l also to view this file.

2 I want to know which shell I am currently using?

[ ~]$ Echo $SHELL


Note that the shell must be capitalized. As you can see, the shell I'm currently using is/bin/bash.

3 after zsh, do I see the current shell type still/bin/bash?

Please note that although we have implemented zsh, the so-called "current shell" is a concept of a large environment, for a logged-on user. And our executive Zsh just started a ZSH interpreter program, and it didn't change the big environment. If you want to change the "current Shell", then you still have to use CHSH.

4 I want to change my shell into zsh!.

[ ~]$ chsh-s/bin/zsh

changing shell for Rocrocket.


Shell changed.

[ ~]$

Use CHSH plus option-S to modify the login shell!

You'll find that you're still outputting/bin/bash when you perform echo $SHELL, because you need to reboot your shell to fully engage in the zsh embrace.

5 chsh-s In the end is changed where?

Let me tell you the secret. Chsh-s actually modified is the/etc/passwd file and your user name corresponds to the line. Now let me look at the following:

[ ~]$ Cat/etc/passwd|grep ^rocrocket


Look! You can see that the last part of the output has become/bin/zsh! The next time you reboot, Linux will read this command to start your shell!

Well, I'm going to get back to work, and I'm going to change the shell/bin/bash I'm familiar with!

[ ~]$ chsh-s/bin/bash

changing shell for Rocrocket.


Shell changed.

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