Linux Command Learning Path-Change Working directory: CD

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How to use:CD [TargetDir]

role: This command is used to switch the working directory in Linux

Note the point:

The 1.targetDir represents the target directory and can be represented by an absolute or relative path;

2. When TARGETDIR is omitted, it will switch to the user's home Directory (typically/root)

3. When TARGETDIR is "~", it will also switch to user's home Directory

4. "." Represents the current directory

5. ".." Represents the previous level of the current directory, or in the case of a continuous multi-tiered directory switch, the ".." Add "/" after

Examples of Use:

1. Use absolute path

(1) (assuming my current directory is/) enter/USR/ETC:CD/USR/ETC or CD usr/etc

(2) (assuming my current directory is/home) into/USR/ETC:CD/USR/ETC

(3) Enter home DIRECTORY:CD or CD ~; Note that home directory here does not refer to//, but refers to the default directory that the user enters

2. Using relative paths

(1) Go to sub-directory admin (assuming I am currently in the directory/usr/etc, there is folder admin under it)

CD Admin

(2) Enter the parent directory: CD.

(3) go to upper Parent directory: CD. /..

Summary: from the above can be learned that in absolute path access, the front must have "/" symbol, and the relative path to access subdirectories, do not have to add "/" symbol; When you select a path, you can quickly enter the form of the first few letters + TAB

Linux Command Learning Path-Change Working directory: CD

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