Linux Common Command Collection

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" *.txt " " *.pdf " \)-print

Regular find all txt and PDF files in root directory Find/-regex ". *\ (\.txt|\.pdf\) $"


Find all non-txt text found. ! -name "*.txt"-print


Make search depth Find ~-maxdepth 1-type F


Search by Type: Find. -type d-print  //List all directories only
-type f File/L Symbolic link
Search by Time:-atime access Time (in days, minutes units is-amin, similar to the following)-mtime modification time (content modified)-ctime change time (metadata or permission changes) all files visited in the last 7 days: find.-atime 7-type F-P Rint

Search by Size: W-word k M g look for files larger than 2k find. -type f-size +2k


Find by permission: Find. -type f-perm 644-print//Find all files with executable permissions


Search by User: Find. -type f-user weber-print//Find the files owned by the user Weber


Delete all SWP files in the current directory: Find. -type f-name "*.SWP"-delete


Perform the action (powerful exec) find. -type f-user root-exec chown Weber {} \; Change ownership in the current directory to Weber
{} is a special string, for each matching file, {} will be replaced with the corresponding filename;



Eg: Copy all the found files to another directory: find. -type f-mtime +10-name "*.txt"-exec cp {} old \;


Grep-o output only matched lines of text vs-v output no matching lines of text the number of times the text is contained in the-C statistic file
    • Grep-c "text" filename
-N Prints matching line numbers
-I ignore case when searching
-L print File name only
    • Recursive search of text in a multilevel directory (the programmer searches for code favorites):

grep "Class". -r-n

    • Match multiple patterns

Grep-e "Class"-E "vitural" file


Convert multi-line output to single-line output cat file.txt| Xargs\n is a delimiter between multiline text converts a single line to multiple lines of output cat Single.txt | Xargs-n 3-n: Specifies the number of fields to display per row-D defines the delimiter (the delimiter for multiple lines by default is \ n)-n specifies that the output is multiple lines-I {} Specifies the replacement string, which is replaced when the xargs extension is used for the command to execute when multiple arguments are required for the cat file.txt | Xargs-i {}./ {}-1 Number of statistical program lines (-0: specified as input delimiter) find source_dir/-type f-name "*.cpp"-print0 |xargs-0 wc-l


Eliminate duplicate rows sort Unsort.txt | Uniq count the number of times each line appears in a file sort Unsort.txt | Uniq-c Find duplicate rows sort Unsort.txt | Uniq-d


TR Delete character cat file | Tr-d ' 0-9 '//delete all numbers Cat file | Tr-c ' 0-9 '//Get all the numbers in the file cat file | Tr-d-C ' 0-9 \ n '  //Remove duplicate characters from non-numeric data tr-s compressed text; most commonly used to compress extra spaces cat file | tr-s "


    • Cut usage cut range N-nth field to end-M 1th field for M n-m N to M field cut take Unit-B in bytes-C with the character of-F to intercept the 2nd and 4th columns of a file in a field (using delimiters): cut-f2,4 filen Ame go to all columns except column 3rd: cut-f3--complement filename-d Specify delimiter: cat-f2-d ";" Filenamecut-c1-5 file//print first to 5th character cut-c-2 file//Print First 2 characters



The two text is stitched together by columns, the default delimiter is a tab, you can specify the delimiter with-D paste file1 file21 colin2 Book


Wc-l File//Count rows wc-w File//statistic number of words wc-c file//statistic characters


First replace the seg ' s/text/replace_text/' file   //replace the first match of each line with the text globally replaced by the SEG ' s/text/replace_text/g ' file by default, after the output is replaced by the content, Use-i:seg-i ' s/text/repalce_text/g ' file if you need to replace the original files directly

To remove a blank line:

Sed '/^$/d ' file


Linux Common Command Collection

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