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My Windows PC and disk are encrypted with BitLocker, which is transparent to the user, and my Ubuntu notebook does not encrypt any folders because my computer is only private and there seems to be no need to hide any files.

But there are still a lot of friends in the Linux folder password protection needs, let's take a look at how to use the password to protect the Linux Desktop User folder security.

  Password protected Lniux Desktop User folder

Because of my personal habits, I use the Ubuntu system as an example to illustrate that the steps in this article also apply to Ubuntu based distributions, such as Linux Mint, Elementary OS, and so on. In fact, the tools mentioned in this article are also suitable for other Linux distributions, such as Fedora, Arch Linux, etc., but the installation commands of the tools are different.

 Create Cryptkeeper Lock Folder

Cryptkeeper is a graphical interface tool that uses EncFS in the background, which is included in most Linux software sources by default, and is a very popular application. Ubuntu users can install cryptkeeper using the following command:

sudo apt-get install Cryptkeeper

A class Fedora user can install using the following command:

 sudo yum install Cryptkeeper

After the installation is completed, we recommend that you reboot the system, so as to avoid the use of program accidents.

When we enable Cryptkeeper, you don't look at the interface. Although Cryptkeeper is a GUI desktop application, it is not a full interface desktop application, you can go to the "top panel" key icon to start using.

Click "new Encrypted folder" to create a new encrypted folder:

After entering the folder name and selecting a good store path, click Forward (Forward):

You can create a success two times after you enter a password:

Lock folders using Cryptkeeper

When we want to access a folder that uses a password lock, you must select it using the Cryptkeeper indicator applet:

You can mount the drive after you enter the correct password:

After you open the Cryptkeeper encrypted folder, you will find that it is mounted separately as a separate partition. Actually, it's cryptkeeper. Use EncFS in the background to create a separate file system for each encrypted folder. A user can treat a partition that is mounted and decrypted as a normal folder, and can copy, paste, and read and write files.

When you want to lock the folder again, just use the Cryptkeeper indicator applet in the top panel to cancel the check of the folder. If you want to delete an encrypted folder or change an encrypted password, you can choose edit (edit) options to do the following:

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