Linux distribution Introduction and virtual machine, Linux system installation lesson after the answer.

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1. GNU: Free software program

GPL: general public Agreement that stipulates or restricts how the GNU is free. As long as you follow the GPL software, you need to expose the source code. Free to use, free to modify, free to forward.

UNIX:1970 was invented by Ken Thompson .

Linux founders: Linus Torvalds , was founded in 1991 years.

1. What is the relationship between Unix and Linux ?

Linux is a Unix -like system, and it can be said that Linux is derived from Unix systems.

2. What is BSD? What do we usually say about FreeBSD,NetBSD , and BSD ?

BSD is an important Unix branch developed and released by the University of California , Berkeley, in the 1977 to 1995 years. both FreeBSD and NetBSD are a derivative version of BSD.

3. unixunix What year is the source? Then there are two important

1979 year version v7 Span style= "font-family: ' The song Body '; > start ,unix license prohibits use in universities unix source. Then there are two major version line , one is berkeley bsd unix unix system v family.

4. AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, IRIX which companies have these Unix developed? Which branch of UNIX derivation are they based on ( 3 of the two version lines in question)?

AIX is developed by IBM and belongs to the System v branch;

Solaris was developed by Sun Microsystems and developed from BSD , preferring System V;

HP-UX developed by Hewlett-Packard, based on System v branch;

IRIX is a Silicon Valley graphic company developed based on the System v branch;

5. Please explain the concepts of GNU and GPL in the shortest words.

GNU is a free software movement launched by Richard Stallman in the 1983 year, with the goal of creating a completely free operating system that requires us to be free to use , free change, free release software,GPL is used to stipulate how free the agreement.

6. What are the changes in GPLv2 and GPLV1 ?

GPLv1Posted in1989year, its main purpose is to prevent such behavior: the author of the release software publishes only binary executables, not the source code, and the author of the software adds some restrictive clauses. So followGPLv1, if the executable binary code is published, you must publish the readable source code at the same time, and publish anyGPLYou may not add any restrictive terms to the licensed software. andGPLv2thanGPLv1The big difference is that there is a chapter in the second edition of the clause "Freedom or death" ("Liberty or death"), it affirms that if a person is publishing based onGPLsoftware, add mandatory terms at the same time, in order to protect and respect other people's freedom and rights to a certain extent, that is, in some countries, people can only release software in the form of binary code, in order to protect the copyright of developers, then he will not be entitled to publish the Software.

1. please answer, What is the difference between the level and the four? when to install the three-bit, and when to install the system? How do I check whether the system is in the first or the same position?

What we call a +Bits, -bit refers toCPUof theGPRs(General-purpose registers, universal Register) data width. -bit ofCPUcompared to +A bit can perform a larger range of integer operations, and can support larger memory. Not because of the change in numbers, but simply think64bitthe performance of the processor is32bittwice times the performance of the processor. Actually in32bitApplication,32bitthe performance of the processor is even stronger, even64bitprocessor, in the present case is also in the32bitperformance is more powerful under application.

and the operating system is also differentiated +bits and -most of the current mainstream computer hardware is -bit ofCPU, so the installation is supported -bit of the operating system, of course installed +-bit operating system is also possible, as for the installation +bit is still -bit system mainly look at how big our computer memory is, if more than4Gis installed -bit, otherwise it will be installed +bit better.

Check to see If the system is using the command uname-a if x86_64 is displayed - bit system, and the display i386,i586 or i686 is the + -bit system.

2. What is the role of the swap partition? How do I determine the size of a swap partition?

Swappartitioning is alsoWindowsThe following virtual memory, its role is mainly in, when the system memory is not enough, or quickly run out, then the system will put the older data inside the memory temporarily intoSwap, this frees up a portion of the memory allocated to other programs to use. In general, when we install the system, we have to divide a portion of the disk space toSwap, usually we divide the memory size2Times toSwap, but sometimes your server memory is large, such as32Geven64G, then there is no need to divide the memory size2Times toSwap, because that's a waste. My advice is that when memory is not much more than8G, you can divide the memory2times, if greater than8Gis divided16Gcan be.

3. Amin in the tutorial, teach you how to divide the universal partition?

/boot 100M;



Swap memory is less than 8G to 2 times the memory, greater than 8G to 16G;

The remaining space is divided to /data/

4. after the system is installed, try The cloning of the VMware virtual machine.


5. Check the information to understand The concept of grub, a brief description.

Grub is a boot loader based on GNU , which is a multi-OS manager that is used to boot different systems. Grub can manage windows Systems and can also manage Linux systems.

6. How much do you know about time zones? What time zone are we using in China?

The 1884 International Meridian Conference stipulates that the global longitude is divided into four time zones, each of which occupies a longitude of ten °. With the Prime Meridian as the central Meridian time zone is 0 time zone, from the 0 time zone to the east, west of the sub - District, east and West region are half time zones, common use of the Meridians of the place when.

In China, we generally use Beijing time, so-called East Eight district. When installing CentOS , we can choose Asia/shanghai or asia/chongqing but not asia/beijing

Linux distribution Introduction and virtual machine, Linux system installation lesson after the answer.

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