Linux programming from beginner to proficient (theoretical explanation + actual demo + Project combat) Video tutorial

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Linux programming from beginner to proficient (theoretical explanation + actual demo + Project combat) Video tutorial Download Contact qq:1026270010

The ultimate goal of this course:

The effect that the students should achieve after learning the course: proficiency in the programming of C language program; meeting the wrong C program can easily debug to find errors, in the face of complex project engineering, can get a clue.

Applicable subjects of this course:

Students, C-language users, people who want to use C language to do things

How to teach this course:

Theory explanation + Actual demonstration + Project combat

Main contents of this course:

Part I (C-language basis)

First: C language Introduction and a simple C program---------------------1 UI                       & nbsp           

Second Lecture: Data types, operators and expressions, bitwise operations--------------2 UI

Third Lecture: Process Control-----------------------------------------------------2 UI

Part IV: Function and pretreatment----------------------------------------------3 UI

Lecture Five: Methods of VC6.0 debugging----------------------------------1 UI

VI: Array-----------------------------------------------------------3 UI

Seventh: Structure and common body-------------------------------------------2 UI

Eighth: pointer-----------------------------------------------------------4 UI

Nineth: Io File operation-------------------------------------------------3 UI

Tenth: Common data structure----------------------------------------------4 UI

11th: Summarize the mistakes that are easy to make in the use of C language----------------3 UI

Part II (Linux C programming core content)

12th: Introduction to C programming and environment preparation under Linux system----------2 UI

13th: Debugging Technology of Linux system gdb---------------------2 UI

14th Lecture: Process---------------------------------------------------------4 UI

15th: interprocess communication-----------------------------------------------6 UI

16th: Thread---------------------------------------------------------3 UI

17th: Linux Network programming-------------------------------------------5 UI

The third part (learn to use----C language Project Combat)

18th: Chat software based on Linux system Project combat-----------10 UI

(Total Hours: 60 hours)

Linux programming from beginner to proficient (theoretical explanation + actual demo + Project combat) Video tutorial

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