Linux System Management _1.6 with good help document man

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In the man interface, the following shortcut keys can be used:

? Up/down arrows scroll up/down one line

? [Space] Turn down one page

? [Page DOWN] turn down one page

? [Page UP] turn up one page

? [Home] fallback to the first page

? [end] forward to the last page

? /string searches down string

?? string to search up string

? N, n use/or? To search for a string, n can be used to jump to the next match, and N can be used to jump to the previous match.

? [Q] Exit

The man command can be followed by a number to indicate the user manual to be consulted. If you don't add numbers, the man command defaults to finding the content from the smaller manual:

1. Commands or executables that can be manipulated in the shell

2. Functions and tools that can be used at the core of the system

3. Some commonly used functions (function) and libraries (library), mostly C libraries (libc)

4. Description of the device files, usually files in/dev

5. configuration files or the format of some files

6. Games

7. Conventions and protocols, such as Linux file system system, network protocol, ASCII code and so on description

8. Administrative commands available to system administrators

9. Documents related to the core of the system

Linux System Management _1.6 with good help document man

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