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Two Single Choice question:
1. In the following network protocol, the connection-oriented protocol is: A.
A Transmission Protocol B User Datagram Protocol C Internet Protocol D Inter-Internet Control Message Protocol
2. In the file system load parameters specified in the/etc/fstab file, the D parameter is generally used for mobile devices such as CD-ROM.
A defaults B SW C rw and RO D noauto
3. linux file permissions in total 10-bit length, divided into four paragraphs, the third paragraph indicates that the content is C.
A file type B file owner's permissions
C file Owner group permissions D Other user's permissions
4. Terminate the command and Operation B that a foreground process may use.
A kill B <ctrl>;+c C shut down D Halt
5. When you create a new directory using the mkdir command, the option to create the parent directory when the parent directory does not exist is D.
A-m b-d c-f d-p
6. The following about the I node description error is a.
A I node and the file are one by one corresponding
B I node can describe the number of blocks the file occupies
The C I node describes the file size and pointers to the data block
D the transformation of the logical structure and the physical structure of the file through the I node
7. A file name is RR. Z, the commands you can use to decompress are: D.
A tar B gzip C compress D uncompress
8. With a lot of C language functions, also known as the filter is C.
B tcsh
C awk
9. A host to achieve through the LAN and another LAN communication, need to do the work is C.

A Configure the Domain name server
B defines a route that the local computer points to on the network
C defines a route that points to a native network gateway
D defines a router that points to the destination network gateway
10. The files needed to establish a dynamic route are D.
A/etc/hosts b/etc/hostname c/etc/resolv.conf D/etc/gateways
11. Lan network address, the local area network connection other network gateway address is When a host access to a network, its routing is set correctly for B.
A Route add–net GW netmask metric 1
B Route add–net GW netmask metric 1
C Route add–net GW netmask metric 1
D route add default netmask metric 1
12. The following formulation, which does not fall within the scope of the ifconfig order, is D.
A Configure the local loopback address B to configure the IP address of the network card
C Activate network adapter D load NIC into kernel
13. The following is a description of the link and the error is B.
A hard link is to let the link file I node point to the linked file I node
B hard links and symbolic connections are all generating a new I node
C links are divided into hard links and symbolic links D hard connections cannot link directory files
14. When a host in the local area network uses ping to test the network connection, it is found that the host within the network can be together with, but not connected with the public network, the problem may be C.
A host IP settings are incorrect
B does not have a gateway connected to the LAN
C LAN Gateway or host Gateway settings are incorrect
D LAN DNS server settings are incorrect
15. In the following file, the file containing the mapping relationship between the hostname and the IP address is: B.
A/etc/hostname b/etc/hosts c/etc/resolv.conf D/etc/networks
16. The case where the kernel is not required to be compiled is D.
A when B upgrades the kernel when a device driver is removed from the system
C when new hardware is added, D activates the NIC
17. There are four methods of assigning variables in the shell, in which the Name=12 method is used to call a.
A Direct Assignment b using the Read command
C using command line parameter d using the output of the command
The. D command intercepts the data for the specified content from each line in the text file.
19. The following is not the Linux system process type is D.
A Interactive Process B batch process C Daemon process D ready process
20. Configure the Apache 1.3.19 server to modify the configuration file as ___a______
A httpd.conf B access.conf C srm.conf D named.conf
21. Subsystems that are not included in the kernel are D.
A Process Management System B memory management system C I/O management System D hardware management system
22. In day-to-day management, the usual CPU impact on system performance is: A.
A CPU is running at full capacity B CPU operating efficiency of 30%
C CPU operating efficiency of 50% D CPU operating efficiency of 80%
23. If the memory of a computer is 128MB, the swap partition is usually the size of C.
A 64MB B 128MB C 256MB D 512MB
24. The fifth step in installing Linux is to let the user choose the installation mode, if the user wants to install some components (software program), and after the selection of the system automatically installed, should choose the option is D.
A full B expert C newbie D Menu
25. Linux has three commands to view files, you should use the C command if you want to see the contents of the file by moving the cursor up and down while viewing the contents of the file.
A Cat B More C less D menu
26. The following information is a running process listed by a system with the PS–EF command, and the D process is running an Internet Super server that listens for connections on the Internet sockets and invokes the appropriate server to process the received information.
A Root 1 4.0 0.0 344 204? S 17:09 0:00 Init
B Root 2 0.0 0.1 2916 1520? S 17:09 0:00/sbin/getty
C Root 3 0.0 0.2 1364 632? S 17:09 0:00/USR/SBIN/SYSLOGD
D Root 4 0.0 1344 1204? S 17:09 0:10/usr/sbin/inetd
27. In the TCP/IP model, the application layer contains all the high-level protocols, and B is capable of implementing file transfer between local and remote hosts in some of the following application protocols.
28. When we are not connected to a remote network, we need to track the route view to see where there is a problem in the network, and the command to meet that goal is C.
A Ping B ifconfig C traceroute D netstat
29. A file named Fido is modified with a chmod 551 Fido, and its license is D.
A-rwxr-xr-x b-rwxr--r--c-r--r--r--D-r-xr-x-x
30. In the table of disk addresses in the I-node table, if a file's length is from the 1th block to the 11th block of the disk Address table, the file occupies a total of B block number.
A 256 B 266 C-D 256x10
31. The following list of files is listed with the Ls–al command, and the D file is a symbolic connection file.
A-rw-rw-rw-2 hel-s users Sep 11:05 Hello
B-RWXRWXRWX 2 hel-s users Sep 11:05 Goodbey
C drwxr--r--1 Hel users 1024 Sep 08:10 Zhang

D lrwxr--r--1 Hel users 2024 Sep 08:12 Cheng
32. The DNS domain Name system is primarily responsible for parsing between host names and a.
A IP address B MAC address C network address D host Alias
33. The WWW server is the most widely used on the internet, and it uses the B structure.
A Server/Workstation B/s C centralized D-distributed
34. The Linux system sends messages to other users through the C command.
A less B mesg y C write D Echo to
35. NFS is a C system.
A file B disk C Network file D operation
36. The B command can do the work of file backup to tape in a Linux security system.
A cp B tr C dir D cpio
37. The files of the Linux file system are categorized in the relevant directories according to their function, and for external device files, they should generally be placed in the C directory.
A/bin b/etc C/dev D/lib
38. When you restart your Linux system and write the information in memory to your hard disk, you should use the D command to implement it.
A # reboot B # halt C # reboot D # shutdown–r now
39. Network management has the following major functions: Configuration management, A, performance management, security management and billing management.
A Fault Management B daily backup management C upgrade Management D Send mail
40. On the proxy server discussion, the correct is a.
A Use an existing public proxy server on the Internet to configure the client only.
The B proxy server can only proxy client HTTP requests.
C set up a proxy server can be used by any host on the network.
D the client that uses the proxy server does not have its own IP address.
41. Turn off the Linux system (no reboot) to use command B.
A Ctrl+alt+del B Halt C shutdown-r now D reboot
42. The command to implement the conversion from IP address to Ethernet MAC address is: C.
A Ping B ifconfig C arp D traceroute
43. In command mode in the VI editor, type B to add a new row under the current line of the cursor.
A <a>; B <o>; C <I>; D A
44. In command mode in the VI editor, delete the character at the current cursor using the A command.
A <x>; B <d>;<w>; C <D>; D <d>;<d>;
45. In command mode in the VI editor, repeat the last action you made on the edited text, using the C command.
A up ARROW B down ARROW C <.>; D <*>;
46. The description of the file FF with the command Ls-al is shown below, so that the type of file FF is a.
-rwxr-xr--1 root root 599 Cec 17:12 ff
A normal file B hard link C directory D symbolic link
47. The Delete file command is: D.
A mkdir B rmdir C MV D RM
48. In the following name, which is not part of the DNS server type: ____c_____
A Primary master server B Secondary master server
C Samba D cache_only Server
49. Network administrator to the WWW server access, control access and operation control, these controls can be reflected in A file.
A httpd.conf B lilo.conf C inetd.conf D resolv.conf
50. The mail forwarding agent is also called the Mail forwarding server, which can use the SMTP protocol or the C protocol.
51. There are two ways to start the Samba server process: Standalone startup and parent process startup, in which the former is started in a standalone process in the C file.
A/USR/SBIN/SMBD b/usr/sbin/nmbd C Rc.samba d/etc/inetd.conf
52. DHCP is the abbreviation of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, which can enable network administrators to manage a network system through a single server, and automatically assign ___d______ addresses to hosts in a network.
A network B MAC C TCP D IP
53. To ensure that the DHCP process starts automatically when the server is started, change the dhcpd=no in file a to Dhcpd=yes.
A rc.inet1 B lilo.conf C inetd.conf D httpd.conf
54. The command to archive the file is D.
A DD B cpio C gzip D tar
55. The command to change the owner of the file is C.
A chmod B Touch C chown D Cat
56. Find the command in the given file that matches the set condition string: A.
A grep B gzip C Find D sort
57. The command that you can use to create a new file is D.
A chmod B more C CP D touch
58. In the following command, the command that cannot display the contents of a text file is: D.
A more B less C tail D join
59. When using Anonymous Logon to FTP, the user name is B.
A users B anonymous C root D guest
60. In practice, to understand the use of command logname, you can type D to get help.
A logname--man B logname/. C help logname D logname--help
61. If Lilo is installed in the MBR, use A command to uninstall Lilo.
A lilo–u B lilo–c c lilo–v D lilo-v
62. When viewing files and directories with the command ls–al, you should use the key combination D when you want to view the contents of the rolled over screen.
A shift+home B Ctrl + PgUp C ALT + PgDn D shift+ PgUp
63. MC is the UNIX-style operating system C.
A file Editor/program compiler B Configure the Network window tool
C Directory Browser/File Manager D Samba Server Administration Tool
64. The I node is a D-long table that contains information about the file.

A 8 byte B 16 byte C 32 byte D 64 bytes
65. The three glyphs that read, write, and execute file permissions are, in turn, a.
A rwx B xrw C RDX D SRW
66. The length of a Linux filename must not exceed C characters.
A-B 128 C 256 D 512
67. There are three states of the process: C.
A prepared state, execution state and exit state B exact state, fuzzy state and random state
C running state, ready state and waiting state D manual state, self dynamic and Free State
68. Start the process from the background by adding symbol A at the end of the command.
A & B @ C # D $
69. B is not part of the messaging system.
A User Agent B Proxy Server C Transport agent D Delivery Agent
70. In a shell script, the command to read the contents of each field within a file and assign it to a shell variable is D.
A fold B Join C tr D Read
71. The crontab file consists of six domains, separated by a space between each field, arranged as follows: B.
72. There are two modes of file transfer using ftp: C.
A Word and binary B. txt and word Document
C ASCII and binary D ASCII and rich Text Format
73. The permissions for a file outside the group are read-only, the owner has full permissions, and the permissions within the group are read and write, and the file has a D.
A 467 B 674 C 476 D 764
74. When the DNS system tests, the named process number is set to 53, and command D notifies the process to reread the configuration file.
A KILL–USR2 B kill–usr1 C kill-int D kill–hup 53
75. The Apache server defaults to the answer connection port number C.
A 1024 B C D 8
76. The combined use of PHP and MySQL solves the C.
A Handling Database access problem on proxy B handling illegal access to hackers on the WWW server
C processing database access problems on the WWW server
D Handling database access issues on SendMail messaging systems
77. OpenSSL is a A.
A encryption Software B mail system C database management system D embedded scripting programming language
78. The configuration file for the Samba server is D.
A httpd.conf B inetd.conf C Rc.samba D smb.conf
79. With respect to DNS servers, the correct description is D.
A DNS server configuration does not require client configuration
B to establish a DNS server for a partition, you only need to establish a primary DNS server
C the primary DNS server needs to start the named process, while the secondary DNS server does not need
The Root.cache file for the D DNS server contains information about the root name server
80. Exit the shell of interactive mode, type C.
A <Esc>; B ^q C exit D quit
81. Install the Windows C: Disk (HDA1) in the/winsys directory of the Linux file system, and the command is B.
A #mount Dev/had1/winsys
B #mount/dev/had1/winsys
C #mount/dev/had1 Winsys
D #mount dev/had1 Winsys
82. Set Superuser root current directory is:/usr/local, after typing the CD command, the user's current directory is B.
A/home b/root C/home/root d/usr/local
83. The symbol for the character device file type is B.
A P B c C s D l
84. The command to install the CD-ROM (hdc) to the/mnt/cdrom directory of the file system is C.
C Mount/dev/hdc/mnt/cdrom D MOUNT/DEV/HDC
85. The command to uninstall the disc/DEV/HDC is a.
86. In the/home/stud1/wang directory, there is a file, using D to implement the command in the background, which outputs the contents of the file to the File.Copy file.
A cat file >;file.copy B cat >;file.copy C cat file File.Copy & D cat file >;file.copy &
87. In a DNS configuration file, the name used to represent a host alias is: B.
88. The command to complete the forward parsing and reverse parsing tasks for host names and IP addresses is: A.
A nslookup B arp C ifconfig D dnslook
89. The names of the shell variables that are valid in the following variable names are: C.
A-2-time B _2$3 C trust_no_1 D 2004file
90. QMail is B.
A mail-receiving protocol B mail Server A C-mail protocol D Message Queuing
91. A user is known to STUD1, whose user directory is/home/stud1. If the current directory is/home, the command to enter the directory/home/stud1/test is C.
A CD Test B cd/stud1/test C CD stud1/test D CD Home
92. A user is known to STUD1, whose user directory is/home/stud1. Pagination Displays the command of the file or directory name, user group, user, file size, file or directory permissions, file creation time, and so on for all files in the current directory.
A more ls–al B more–al ls C more < ls–al D Ls–al | More
93. About the Process scheduling command, B is not correct.
A Day 11 o'clock in the evening execute the clear command and use the AT command: at 23:00 today clear B executes the date command at 6 a.m. on the morning of January 1 every year, using the AT command: at 6am 1 date
C daily 11 o'clock in the evening execute date order, crontab file should be: 0 * * * * Date
D execute the clear command once per hour and the crontab file should be: 0 */1 * * * Clear
94. There are users User1 and User2 in the system and belong to the Users group. In the User1 user directory there is a file file1, it has 644 of the permissions, if user2 users want to modify User1 user directory File1 file, should have B permissions.
A 744 B 664 C 646 D 746
95. If you want to configure an anonymous FTP server, you should modify the C file.
A/etc/gateway b/etc/ftpservers c/etc/ftpusers d/etc/inetd.conf
96. The process of the Samba server consists of two parts B.
A named and SendMail B SMBD and NMBD C BOOTP and dhcpd D httpd and squid
97. To configure Server for NFS, configure the C file primarily on the server side.
A/etc/rc.d/rc.inet1 B/ETC/RC.D/RC. M c/etc/exports D/ETC/RC.D/RC. S
98. To ensure that the DHCP process starts automatically when the server is started, the B file should be edited.
A/etc/rc.d/rc.inet2 B/etc/rc.d/rc.inet1 c/etc/dhcpd.conf D/ETC/RC.D/RC. S
99. When you configure a proxy server, the configuration line should be D if you set the proxy server's work cache to 64MB.
A Cache 64MB B Cache_dir ufs/usr/local/squid/cache 10000 16 256
C cache_ Mgr 64MB D cache_ mem 64MB
100. The problems involved in security management include ensuring the security of network management work and protecting network users and network management objects. C belongs to the content of security management.
A Configure the device's working parameter B to collect data related to network performance
C control and maintenance access rights D monitoring failures
101. In the following command pair, the correct is: B.
A LS and SL B Cat and TAC C more and Erom D exit and Tixe
102. The B command is to perform a disk exit in the VI editor.
A:q B ZZ c:q! D:wq
103. The following about the/etc/fstab file description, correct is D.
A fstab file can only describe Linux file system B cd_rom and floppy disks must be automatically loaded
The file system described in the C fstab file cannot be uninstalled by Fstab file description content Loading file system when D starts
104. When you access a file by file name, the process inside the file system is done through C.
A file finds the file data access location in the directory. B file name directly find the file data, for access operations.
The C filename finds the corresponding I node in the directory and accesses the file data through the I node.
D filename in to find the corresponding super block, in the super block to find the corresponding I node, through the I node access to file data
105. Linux sees both the storage device and the input/output device as a file, and C does not appear in the form of a file.
A directory B Soft link C i node table D network adapter
106. As for the I node and the Super block, the following argument is not correct for B.
A I node is a fixed-length table B Super Block in the number of file systems is unique
The C I node contains all the information necessary to describe a file
The D Super Block records where the I-node table and the free block table information are stored on the disk
107. The D device is a character device.
A hdc B fd0 C hda1 D tty1
108. The B directory stores the Linux source code.
A/etc b/usr/src c/usr D/home
109. For the installation and uninstallation of the file system, the following is the correct description of a.
A if the CD is not uninstalled, the optical drive is not open the installation point of the B installation file system can only be/mnt under
C CD-ROM device can be installed regardless of whether there is a disc in the optical drive
D mount/dev/fd0/floppy The directory/floppy in this command is automatically generated
110. B is not the difference between process and procedure.
A program is a set of ordered static instructions, the process is a program execution process
B programs can only be run in the foreground, and processes may run in the foreground or in the background
C program can be saved for a long time, the process is temporary
The D program has no state, and the process is stateful
111. File Exer1 access is rw-r--r--, now to increase the execution permissions for all users and write permissions for the same group of users, the following command is correct for a.
A chmod a+x g+w exer1 B chmod 765 Exer1
C chmod o+x exer1 D chmod g+w exer1
112. For archive and compression commands, the following is the correct description of C.
A Use the uncompress command to extract compressed files with a. zip suffix generated by the Compress command
B unzip command and gzip command to extract files of the same type
C tar archived and compressed files can be uncompressed by the gzip command
D tar command archived files are also a compressed file
113. Not the shell has the function and the characteristic is C.
A pipeline B Input Output redirect C perform background process D handler command
114. The following are fruit operations on shell variables, the correct one is: C.
A is a variable assignment: $FRUIT =apple B Displays the value of the variable: fruit=apple
C shows the value of a variable: Echo $FRUIT D to determine whether a variable has a value: [F "$FRUIT"]

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