Linux firewall iptables (iii)

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Linux firewall iptables (iii)
Our previous two articles have introduced iptables more fully, today a iptables on layer 7 practice. We said that Iptables/netfilter work in the kernel space is not support application layer protocol, but such as QQ, MSN, thunder and other applications we can not be completely closed in the Transport layer or network layer, Because they are very cunning to find that their ports are blocked and then use other open ports to transfer data, it is only possible to close them in layer 7. So someone has developed two iptables/netfilter for this situation, wrote some patches, and we patched these patches to enable iptables to support the 7 layer protocol.
Because the IPTABLES-L7 author has not updated this patch after 09 years, so it relies on the kernel version and the Iptables package are older, so we need to compile the kernel itself, compiled iptables to use.
We need to use the following packages:

Install the build environment:

Create the required user for compilation, unzip the kernel file:

Patch layer 7 to the kernel:

To configure and compile the kernel:


Select Network Features:

Select network Options:

Select the NetFilter module:

Select the NetFilter core configuration:

Add support Layer7 Layer module:

To turn off the Redhat kernel module checksum:

Save exit:


#yum Install Screen-y
#make –j 4
#make Modules_install
#make Install
To see if the new kernel is installed successfully:

Start with the new kernel:

Pre-compilation preparations:

Compile and install:

To set up the matching scripts and configuration files:

To install Layer7 patches:

To turn on the connection tracking function:

To build an experimental topology:
NAT server:,

To create a NAT entry:

You can see that the client is actually online via NAT server:

Now QQ can also login:

Set the LAYER7 layer entry to deny QQ:

The Login failed:

Rules that match to the Layer7:

Still able to surf the Internet:

NAT rules to match:

The principle of rejecting QQ connection:

OK, our experiment has been successful. Can effectively prevent QQ login, but also can surf the internet. Although we can do this even limit more than 7 layers of services, but I do not agree with the use of the company, because only the free and open companies have vitality, by the right to prohibit certain things in the final analysis of the symptoms do not cure. Please note if there are any errors.

Linux firewall iptables (iii)

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