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Linux generates random password methods:

Strings/dev/urandom | Grep-o ' [[: Alnum:]] ' | Head-n 30 | Tr-d ' n '; Echo

Linux Modify Password Method:

passwd Root

Then enter the new password two times

Root can be replaced by the user who needs to be modified

We have other options besides the random cipher generated above.

1. Using the MKPASSWD command:

Using the MKPASSWD command, you need to install the expect module in advance, taking CentOS as an example:

Yum-y Install expect

After installation, directly run MKPASSWD, you can generate a random password. And the command also has parameters, such as setting the minimum length of the generated random password, and so on, to see Help.

2. Using the Passwdgen command:

In line with the MKPASSWD, the Passwdgen module must be installed beforehand:

Yum-y Install Passwdgen

After installation, directly run Passwdgen, you can get a random password, the same Passwdgen command also has parameters, you can refer to help.

Add some generate random password command

Here are 10 instances of generating random passwords

1.sha+date+base64, Password length 32

Date +%s | Sha256sum | Base64 | Head-c 32; Echo

2. Use Urandom, filter out other symbols, leaving only letters and numbers, password length 32

</dev/urandom TR-DC _a-z-a-z-0-9 | Head-c${1:-32};echo;

3. Random functions using OpenSSL

OpenSSL Rand-base64 32

Another use of 4.urandom, URANDOM+TR

TR-CD ' [: alnum:] ' </dev/urandom | fold-w30 | Head-n1

5. Use Urandom plus character function

Strings/dev/urandom | Grep-o ': alnum: ' | Head-n 30 | Tr-d ' n '; Echo

The simplest use of 6.urandom

</dev/urandom TR-DC _a-z-a-z-0-9 | Head-c6

Another use of 7.urandom, URANDOM+DD

DD if=/dev/urandom Bs=1 count=32 2>/dev/null | Base64-w 0 | Rev | Cut-b 2-| Rev

8. If you often use a single hand to enter a password, you can refer to the following methods to generate "left-handed password"

/dev/urandom tr-dc ' 12345!@#$%QWERTQWERTASDFGASDFGZXCVBZXCVB ' | Head-c8; echo ""

9. Use RANDPW plus urandom

RANDPW () {</dev/urandom tr-dc _a-z-a-z-0-9 | Head-c${1:-16};echo;}

10. Finally, the most concise

Date | Md5sum

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