Linux kernel version uname command GNU Project Linux distribution

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1, kernel version by the Linux kernel Community Unified encoding and publishing, format such as:


The major version number. Minor version number. Number of revisions to the minor version number-number of compilations. Special information for the current version

The minor version number has odd and even points, odd for the development version, even for the stable version

Desc: Common Parameters El (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), pp (Red Hat beta), FC (Red Hat Fedorca Core), SMP (symmetric multiprocessor), RC/R (candidate version, The higher the number, the closer to the official version.

2, Uname-r can view the kernel version number

unameuname -R4.5. 5-fc24.x86_64

3, the GNU project (GNU's not UNIX), the birth of many well-known open source software: GCC (the best compiler), GLIBC (the best development Library), GDB (the best debugger), and so on, the GNU Project's Open Source tool is one of the basic conditions of the birth of Linux.

FSF (The Free Software Foundation) Freedom Software Foundation

GPL Open source software protocol: Linux follows the GPL, so the software developed on Linux almost always calls into the GNU project, so the software under Linux is almost open source. Many of the software does not want to develop the Linux version, but is afraid of the GPL protocol, other open source agreements: BSD Open source Agreement, Apache Licensing Open Source Agreement, LGPL Open Source Agreement

It's all from Richard. Stallman was founded and released.

4. Linux distribution version

Linux was born in October 1991, Linux distribution refers to some enterprises in some way to the Linux kernel, GLIBC, hardware driver modules and a variety of application software package integration, such as 5th!

The current version includes: Red Hat, Novell

Ubuntu, Fedora, SuSE, Linux Mint, Debian (Ubuntu based on this development), Android, CentOS, OpenSuse, Sles

5. Architecture of the Linxu release version

Bash X window Gcc FireFox Gonome ....
Linux kernel

Bash layer for application software,

The upper layer can skip access to the lower layer, but the development is more difficult, (GLIBC is the GPL protocol, but Linux application software development is generally inseparable from it, so almost all open source)

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Linux kernel version uname command GNU Project Linux distribution

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