Linux Learning and lessons

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Today when learning Linux, a sudden brain convulsions, in the root directory executed such a command


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At that time, the air solidified ...

It was also not expected to recover with data recovery software. It was restarted directly.

After restarting, it's just going to be


Halo Dish.

Suddenly think of the time to rescue mode, the system rescued back. There are backups of data and stuff. Then you can upload the data directly.

My partition information is boot partition sda1, swap partition sda2, root partition Sda3

Then the CD-ROM entered the rescue mode. Restore the/bin/directory and the command is back. And then the/etc,/usr/

and follow the great God's method to restore boot

Then reboot found that detecting the hard drive is not capable of Mount hint error is

Dracut Warning:can ' t mount Root filesystem

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Then enter the rescue mode, found that the rescue mode will not enter.

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The whole place, feel the collapse, powerless to save. Finally give up ...

Write down this article today to warn yourself and be cautious.

Linux Learning and lessons

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