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First of all, there are many books about computer networks and TCP/IP.

We need to learn network knowledge before we can talk about programming.

The most classic of the computer network is Andrew S. Tanenbaum's "Computer network," The fifth edition, the book is easy to moderate.

"Computer Network (5th edition)" is the most widely used and most authoritative computer network classic textbook.

is now the fifth edition, the author of the book in the 80 's developed Minix, is an operating system for the teaching of Unix-like (small operating system. And Linux is affected by it ....

The fifth edition is in 2012, and is relatively new.

Author: (United States) Ms. Baum, (United States) Wetherall advancing Wei Wei, Pan translation of the title of the bundle:
Publishing house: Tsinghua University Press isbn:9787302274629 Publishing Date: 2012-03-01


"Computer network: Top-down Method (original book 4th edition)"

Author: (United States) Culross Chen Yu and other translation bundles title: Computer Science Series Press: Machinery Industry Press isbn:9787111165057 Published: 2009-01-01

"Computer network system Method (original book 4th edition)"

Author: Peterson (PETERSON,L.L), (MEI) David (DAVIE,B.S) Shiring and other translation bundle title: Computer Science Series Press: Machinery Industry Press isbn:9787111251385 Published: 2009-02-01

If you feel that Tanenbaum is not enough to see this 2, the 2 published time and the layout of the same, each has its own characteristics, especially "top down" is a very good concept!


Understanding the network knowledge look at the above development must look below


If only to understand the basic knowledge of the network to see the above 3 can, but to do the development must look at the following

"TCP/IP detailed" three volumes, "Using TCP/IP for Internet interconnection" three volumes, "TCP/IP Guide" + "IPV6" four volume

The author of TCP/IP detailed also wrote another 2 classics, "Advanced Programming of UNIX Environment", "UNIX Network Programming"

Author W.richard Stevens personal website

Master Works Department Classic, unfortunately 1999 to another world to maintain UNIX ...

Description: Engage in Linux network programming, want to learn TCP/IP must look at the master W.richard Stevens This six book, basically six books after reading the foundation is also good.

W.richard Stevens (1951-1999), an internationally renowned UNIX and network expert, is respected by everyone as a writer. His writings haveUNIX Network Programming (two volumes), Advanced Programming for UNIX environments, TCP/IP detailed (three volumes)He is also a popular teacher and consultant.

Mr. Stevens was born in Zambia in 1951 and, in his early years, attended the Fishbern Military School in Virginia State, USA, where he received his master's degree and PhD in Systems engineering from the University of Michigan. He has worked in the National Observatory at Kit peak for computer programming.

Unfortunately, Mr. Stevens died on September 1, 1999, and his departure was a huge loss for the computer community.

W. Richard Stevens's influence on our learning Unix/linux programmers is enormous, and every carefully read old man's book will be touched, not only by his rich knowledge, but by his meticulous, rigorous scholarly attitude. He was not clear, and he was determined to understand. He knew that he was going to try to teach all interested people! "This is our stevens!. A life can have a masterpiece is no regrets! Bright Seven department?

A friend said: "Stevens's book must be read in all seriousness." "I think he's right. Finally, to the Stevens in Heaven said: Thank you! Presumably he was sitting next to God and continuing his writing.

W. Richard Stevens Biography

W. Richard Stevens ' Home Page

W. Richard Stevens on Wikipedia

Guru of the Unix gurus

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

The first volume of Internet interconnection with TCP/IP: Principles, protocols and Structures (fifth edition)

The second volume of Internet interconnection with TCP/IP-design, implementation and kernel

Internet interconnection with TCP/IP third Volume: client-Server programming and application (Linux/posix socket version)

Description: This series is also three volumes of this, and "TCP/IP detailed" three volumes of the same is classic, the difference is the Internet interconnection emphasis on the theory and detailed emphasis on the actual.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

If you look at the above 2 TCP/IP Books 6 is not a fun, there is a set of books can be used as a raise or check gaps

Although with W.richard Stevens TCP/IP details have a certain gap, but still is the next generation of IPV6 network reference books, is worth collecting learning

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

"TCP/IP Protocol family (4th edition)"

More than TCP/IP details to be easy to understand some, and illustrated is a major feature of the book, there are more examples to help readers understand the concept of things, give people feel is not particularly boring. In short, this book is suitable for beginners, and TCP/IP is suitable for people with a certain network basis.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

The principle and application of TCP/IP Protocol (3rd edition)

Write very good, suggest must buy! Can be used as an introduction, but even a master, should look, learn the author's methods and ideas to analyze the problem. In fact, countless times of printing, classics can not be missed.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

TCP/IP Efficient programming: 44 Tips for improving network programs

Obviously belongs to the skill class book, also this book is very old, but still has the reference value, this book has a large number of UNIX network programming hints, can serve as its complement.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

"TCP/IP Routing technology"

Cisco out of the

This book is mainly about internal routing protocols, with RIP, RIPV2, RIPng, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, is-is protocols that describe essentially how the main internal gateway protocols work today, their advantages and disadvantages, and how they are configured (based on Cisco Router products) and troubleshooting. This book is not very popular, but it is easier to understand it if there is a certain foundation. This book is very rare in the world to tell the internal gateway routing Technology classic books, the content is very rich. It is an indispensable good book for people who want to understand how the internal gateway protocol works and who want to explore the nature of the things that network communicates.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

Linux Network Architecture: Design and implementation of network protocols in the Linux kernel

Publishing House: Tsinghua University Press
Binding: Paperback
publication year: 2006-7
also known as: The Linux network architecture:design and implementation of Network protocols in the Linux Kernel
Title: Linux Network Architecture
Description: Translation is very bad, suggest to see the original, you can under the electronic version.

A kernel in the realization of network functions of the basic books, it is best to look at the English version, translation is really rotten. Conditional or look at the original bar, no way ah, China's such books are basically behind the 3-4 years old America. Combine Linux source code analysis a book to gain more. The kernel structure and the relationship between the functions in the kernel are also made clear.

Linux Network Programming Books recommended

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