Linux Network Programming--Original Socket instance: Analysis of MAC head message

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Through the Linux network programming-the original socket programming, we know that we can get the link layer packets through the raw sockets and recvfrom (), what is the link layer Packet we receive ?

Link Layer envelope format

MAC head (wired LAN)

Note: CRC, PAD can be ignored when group package

One of the scenarios of a link-layer packet:

1UnsignedCharmsg[1024x768] = {2     //--------------Group mac--------------3     0xb8,0x88,0xe3,0xe1,0x10,0xe6,//Dst_mac:b8:88:e3:e1:10:e64     0xc8,0x9c,0xdc,0xb7,0x0f,0x19,//src_mac:c8:9c:dc:b7:0f:195     0x08,0x00,//type: 0x0800 IP protocol6     //... ....7     //... ....8};

Receive the link-layer packets and perform a simple analysis of them:

1#include <stdio.h>2#include <string.h>3#include <stdlib.h>4#include <sys/socket.h>5#include <netinet/inch.h>6#include <arpa/inet.h>7#include <netinet/ether.h>8 9 intMainintargcChar*argv[])Ten { One     inti =0; AUnsignedCharbuf[1024x768] =""; -     intSOCK_RAW_FD =sockets (Pf_packet, Sock_raw, htons (Eth_p_all)); -      while(1) the     { -UnsignedCharsrc_mac[ -] =""; -UnsignedChardst_mac[ -] =""; -         //get the data frame of the link layer +Recvfrom (SOCK_RAW_FD, buf,sizeof(BUF),0, null,null); -         //Extract destination Mac, source Mac from Buf +sprintf (Dst_mac,"%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x", buf[0], buf[1], buf[2], buf[3], buf[4], buf[5]); Asprintf (Src_mac,"%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x", buf[6], buf[7], buf[8], buf[9], buf[Ten], buf[ One]); at         //determine if an IP packet -         if(buf[ A]==0x08&& buf[ -]==0x00) -         {     -printf"______________ip Data Report _______________\n"); -printf"mac:%s >>%s\n", Src_mac,dst_mac); -}//determine if the ARP packet in         Else if(buf[ A]==0x08&& buf[ -]==0x06) -         { toprintf"______________arp Data Report _______________\n"); +printf"mac:%s >>%s\n", Src_mac,dst_mac); -}//determine if the packet is Rarp the         Else if(buf[ A]==0x80&& buf[ -]==0x35) *         { $printf"______________rarp Data Report _______________\n");Panax Notoginsengprintf"mac:%s>>%s\n", Src_mac,dst_mac); -         } the     } +     return 0; A}

Remember to run the program with Administrator privileges:

Each packet header has a corresponding structure, which can be easily carried out by grouping or unpacking packets.

The files describing the network protocol structure in Ubuntu 12.04 are as follows:

Ethernet header (Required header file: #include <net/ethernet.h>):

The above example is instead implemented with a struct, as follows:

1#include <stdio.h>2#include <string.h>3#include <stdlib.h>4#include <sys/socket.h>5#include <netinet/inch.h>6#include <arpa/inet.h>7#include <netinet/ether.h>8#include <net/ethernet.h>//Ethernet Header File9#include <netinet/ip.h>//IP Header FileTen //#include <net/if_arp.h>//ARP header file One  A intMainintargcChar*argv[]) - { -     inti =0; theUnsignedCharbuf[1024x768] =""; -     intSOCK_RAW_FD =sockets (Pf_packet, Sock_raw, htons (Eth_p_all)); -      while(1) -     { +UnsignedCharsrc_mac[ -] =""; -UnsignedChardst_mac[ -] =""; +         //get the data frame of the link layer ARecvfrom (SOCK_RAW_FD, buf,sizeof(BUF),0, null,null); at          -         //extracting Mac header information from data (14 bytes) -         structEther_header *ETHDR =NULL; -ETHDR = (structEther_header *) buf; -          -         //Extract destination Mac, source Mac from Buf insprintf (Dst_mac,"%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x", ethdr->ether_dhost[0], ethdr->ether_dhost[1],ethdr->ether_dhost[2],ethdr->ether_dhost[3],ethdr->ether_dhost[4],ethdr->ether_dhost[5]); -sprintf (Src_mac,"%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x", ethdr->ether_shost[0], ethdr->ether_shost[1],ethdr->ether_shost[2],ethdr->ether_shost[3],ethdr->ether_shost[4],ethdr->ether_shost[5]); to          +         //determine if an IP packet -         if(0x0800= = Ntohs (ethdr->ether_type)) the         {     *printf"______________ip Data Report _______________\n"); $printf"mac:%s >>%s\n", Src_mac,dst_mac);Panax Notoginseng              -}//0x0806 for ARP packets, 0x8035 for RARP packets the         Else if(0x0806= = Ntohs (ethdr->ether_type) | |0x8035= = Ntohs (ethdr->ether_type)) +         { Aprintf"______________arp Data Report _______________\n"); theprintf"mac:%s >>%s\n", Src_mac,dst_mac); +         } -          $     } $     return 0; -}

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Linux Network Programming--Original Socket instance: Analysis of MAC head message

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