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In Windows we usually use the lower EAC to rip the compression generator cue to find work steps, but on Linux in a little bit of a hassle. Each step, we need to do it ourselves. After my repeated attempts to find and summarize a fairly good method of using the software and the steps as below.

software used:Abcde,mkcue,flac. (They are all software under the command line, please install them yourself.)

ABCDE's name is very interesting, his full name is: A better CD encoder. It relies on Cdparanoia. It is able to actively connect to the CDDB database to obtain CD information, and in the course of the software we also manually change this information (just suggest directly change the last generated cue, which is more convenient). It supports the use of the command to specify the last format, support vorbis,mp3,flac,spx,mpc,wav,m4a these formats, but the encoder needs to download itself.

Mkcue is used to generate cue files.

We need to do the cue for a CD or a network where there is no information on the CDDB. This is the time to use the mkcue.

FLAC this thing everyone is not strange, used to compress.

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1, grasping rail:

Abcde-1-O FLAC

Reference: "1" means to capture the entire CD as a file otherwise a track one file, "-O flac" in the "-O" to specify the output format, "-P" specifies the use of the pipeline instead of a temporary WAV file, other common parameters and "-B" it is probably said to balance the volume of each track. Detailed information can be viewed using ABCDE--help.

Output Location Description:

It does not provide the ability to specify the output location (at least 2.5.4 is not yet available), and the file is output to the current directory by default. Assuming that a temporary WAV file is used, it creates a temporary directory "abcde.xxxxxx" in which xxxxx represents a random number. For the finally output. It will create a directory with "artist-album name" and then save individual files with "album name"/"track number-track name" in it.

1 ', or directly using the Cdparanoia capture Track (manual compression required)

Cdparanoia 1-w [Output-file-name]

Output-file-name feel the Cdda.wav under the current folder

2, Generate cue:

Mkcue > Output.cue

Description: Mkcue default output information to standard output, need to redirect to file. It only provides the most important track spacing information, does not protect the singer/track name and other information, need to manually edit the cue file.

(3, compressed to FLAC:)

Assuming that you have previously just captured WAV, you can manually compress it directly using FLAC.

Flac-8 Xxx.wav

Description: -0~-8 represents the compression level, 0 fastest, 8 min. The output file is the Xxx.flac file under the same folder.

The command summarizes for example the following :

Abcde-1-O FLAC

Mkcue > Xxx.cue

Cue Editor:

The best way to do this is to open a cue file that has already been tested.

The file header section generally needs to be written such as the following information:


Performer "Fish Leong"

TITLE "Now I Love you "

FILE "Now I Love you _ new song + Select Cd2.flac" WAVE

For each track. Be able to add title "XX" in the name of the song, assuming that the singer of a song is not a person or with the overall singer can be added to the local performer field. For example (the index is mkcue Help):

Track to AUDIO
TITLE "belongs to"
INDEX 01 00:00:00
TITLE "Warm"
INDEX 01 04:10:18
TITLE "No Assumptions"
Performer "Fish Leong-yan"
INDEX 01 08:13:03

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Linux next cd Rip Gen Cue compression FLAC Raiders

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