Linux Operations Engineer Online learning training classes

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"Linux operation and maintenance training online Elite class" online Training Elite class Classes!!!
Course Introduction
Class Mode: YY
Class Time: Monday, five 20:00-22:00, every 2-3 hours, Saturday full-day online answer questions, the exclusive member group at any time to answer.
Class fee: Do not 4999, nor 2999, final pricing: 2000 (a classmate once said, the equivalent of a few friends to eat a meal of money, can achieve their own Linux career, such a good thing, you do not do, I do)
Class: Linux Introductory to advanced full course instruction + Walkthrough + hands-on church
Student Requirements: It is best to have a computer base, determined to upgrade themselves, appreciate the increase!
Start Date: March 12, 2015 (Arbor Day, hope that each of us, including me in the spring of 2015 planted tree seeds, will harvest Wonderful Life)
We are most concerned about the curriculum training syllabus:
For specific details of the class, please bash:

Instructor Profile:
Beijing Ping Poly-linuxtone Moderator, real name-Wu Guangko, 51cto-linux Senior operation and maintenance lecturer, from the beautiful Guizhou Small mountain village, unwilling to mediocrity,
Focus on automation operations, master LVS, front-end nginx, MySQL cluster, advocating automation operations, simplify the complex problems, the simple problem automation.
In large and medium-sized internet companies have served as Linux operations Engineer, senior operations and maintenance engineer, operations and maintenance supervisor, 5 years experience in Linux system operations, maintenance of tens of millions of times and millions of PV portal site.
Teaching Style:
1, my lecture style is simple and practical, pay attention to practice and results, patiently help and guide the friends who really want to learn to solve the problem.
2, always keep in mind a word: "Give people to fish rather than teach people to fishing", while the lectures rigorous humor, hope to meet more studious and positive friends.
3, I have also been the belief of fraternity, Thanksgiving, pay the idea, hope to really help those who need to change, the future of the ideal inspirational to be a philanthropist, their ability to help more poor children.
we have a limited number of seats, so please qq:1944583737/1815759616

Linux Operation QQ Group No. 1:386,013,887
Linux Operation QQ Group number 2:365814552

Linux Operations Engineer Online learning training classes

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