Linux Section basic commands

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Fast switch Virtual terminal CTRL+ALT+F1-F6, can switch the first, the second, to the sixth unit.

Su root user, switch between ordinary users.

Date can query the time, and the-s option can set the time. S is the first letter of set.

Who queries current users working on the system

WhoAmI Query the name of the user who is currently logged in to Linux

The CAL queries the Gregorian calendar, or it can query the Gregorian calendar for a certain January of a year.

Man queries the description of an instruction. Marshal said, man ls, you can. There is another way, LS--help.

Clear function is to clear the screen. Shortcut keys are ctrl+l.

Useradd Adding a new user

passwd set the user password.

Touch New File

mkdir new folder. -P, recursively creates all the parent directories. P is the first letter of the parent.

LS browses the current file. -a command to view all the files that contain the hidden file. -L lists the details for each file.

RM Delete File

RmDir Delete the folder. The-f option, which is forced to delete, is deleted directly, and F is the first letter of force. -r option, recursive delete.

CP copies files and can rename files while copying them. -A, which indicates the details of the copied file, try to keep the structure and properties of the file, Archive (archive) the first letter. -R, recursively copying files.

Echo repeats things.

Which ways to find commands

Alias Alias

PWD find the path that is currently located

The CD switches the current directory to the destination directory. CD:, switch to the upper-level directory.

Some of the important directories in Linus.

Bin directory: Store frequently used executable files

Sbin directory: A common executable file for the storage system

Media directory and MNT directory: storage of removable hardware resources

Dev Directory: Store the device files directory. The abbreviation for device.

Etc Directory: Store the configuration file directory.

Linux Section basic commands

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