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As we all know, Linux does not catch up with Windows popularity and ease of use on desktop applications, but it is precisely because of its seemingly troublesome command-line operations that make it more secure than Windows, which uses a graphical interface for ease of use, This makes Linux a very popular server, especially with the well-known Apache lamp and DNS server bind. Let's say the configuration method of bind.

First of all, from the previous article that I used the operating system is red HAT Fedora Core 7, when installing the system, in the selection of software packages, I used a custom way, I've removed some useless software, such as a game that's not fun, and a lot of hard to use video players (I can install a very good mplayer), and I don't have a choice of any software packages I don't use. And then the development tools and servers, such as the selection of all the software (the development tools are all selected to make you in the future installation process less trouble). Therefore, the system has been installed after the bind, only need to be configured to use.

There are a lot of ways to configure bind. I used two (the premise is to make the principle of DNS work out), one is to put the/etc/ Named.conf the various parts of the file, and then modify the file (and some other files), of course this method will take a little time to learn (at least I am), although this can be configured, but also can appear very professional, but I have another way to simply configure it, but also more suitable for beginners to use (I use the first kind of side It took some time to get the law done.

The second configuration method needs to use the webmin that I mentioned in the previous article, this software is very useful, can achieve remote configuration, the official download address is:, choose the top one download can, Mine is webmin-1.360.tar.gz, the installation method is very simple:

TAR-ZXVF webmin-1.360.tar.gz

CD webmin-1.360


In the installation process to ask you the installation path (General retention mode), user name, password settings, The installation will tell you the way to use Webmin is in the browser to enter the (default), just installed when the English version, but there is an option to choose the language, choose Simplified Chinese can. (due to the time relationship has not been able to use Photoshop and then put it up, please forgive), and then start configuration:

1. In the Webmin network-> "Network Configuration"-〉 Select "DNS clients"-〉 change the "parsing order" to--"DNS, hosts"-〉 to return after "save"

2. Select "Server"-〉 "BIND 8 DNS Server"-〉 to see the global server options, existing DNS zones, and other components.

3. Create a master server

Select "Bind DNS Server" in Webmin server-〉 select "New primary zone" in "Existing zone"-〉 "zone type" to select "Forward", enter "" in "Domain name/network" domain name (this is one of my domain names, You can also casually write your own), the main server input "", email address input "Root@localhost"-〉 Press "new" complete

4. Select "New primary zone"-〉 "zone type" in "Existing zone" select "Reverse", enter "" in "Domain/network" (This is my IP, you have to fill in your own), the main server input "", Email address input "Root@localhost"-〉 Press "new" to complete

5. Select> "Address" in the existing DNS zone-〉 enter "www" At the address, enter "" at the location-〉 Press "new" to complete

6. In Apache settings can be in the browser window through the input domain name to access, configuration success, hehe!


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