Linux server configuration-NFS server setup procedure

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1. install and configure the NFS server

1> to enable the NFS server to provide services, you must start inet, portmap, nfs, and mount.
These four daemon processes are maintained in the background.
2> plan the partitions or directories to be shared.
3> define client Parameters
4> Configure the NFS master configuration file:/etc/exports
5> restart the NFS service

1. Configure the syntax of the/etc/exports file
# Vi/etc/exports
/Export Dir-maproot = daemon host2
Or use the following format
/Optional dir host3 (OPTION)
/Optional dir (OPTION)
The first section is the shared directory, which must be an absolute path.
Section 2: some parameters, such as-maproot = daemon, indicate that if the visitor is a root user, the access is converted to a daemon user;-ro: indicates the read-only permission.
Section 3: indicates the client that can be accessed. It can be a host such as host2 or a network segment. The host can be represented by a domain name or an IP address. The domain name supports wildcards, it does not include vertices. For example, * can be or, but it cannot be
The third format indicates that parameters such as read/write and read-only can be written in brackets and separated by commas.

2. Activate the service portmap and nfsd
After Portmap is activated, the Sunrpc service with the Port Number 111 is displayed.
# Service portmap restart
# Service nfs restart

3. Client Configuration
3.1 enable the portmap service

3.2 use the mount command to mount the shared directory
Mount-t type-o option device dir
# Mount-t nfs-o hard DIR/tmp/
3.3 In addition to the mount command, you can also use/etc/fstab mounting or autofs mounting.

Ii. Configure an NFS server instance

NFS Server Configuration:
1. Check whether the following software packages are installed on the server.
# Rpm-qa | grep nfs

2. Configure the NFS server configuration file:/etc/exports
/Sharedir: the shared directory. The permission is restricted by rw and local permissions. Allow access from all machines in the network segment
# Vim/etc/exports
# Cat/etc/exports
/1_dir (rw)

3. Restart the NFS service.
# Service nfs restart

NFS client Configuration:
1. Confirm to install the portmap package
# Rpm-qa | grep portmap

2. Enable the portmap service
# Service portmap restart

3. view the shared directory of an NFS server IP address of the NFS server
# Showmount-e
Export list for
/Optional dir

4. shared directory for mounting servers
-T nfs: The file system format of the mounted file, which can be omitted.
# Mount-t nfs

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