Linux Server Operations

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Cd/usr/local ls Nginx
18502167909 High
Clean Car Auto Cache Nginx Mall OpenCms Chache
Root Tplife ssh CD Usr/local/nginx-che/che-cache
Clean Store Opencms_cache Cache
15601607676 Ginger

Short Address modification
Original address: Http://!mbO.action
Short Address:
Write in the last line:/m/edm!mbo.action permanent; ^/m (/)? $/edm!mbo.action permanent;
Reboot: CD vhosts/./. /.. /sbin/nginx-s Reload

Synchronizing files
Cd/tpdata/shell_script/rsync SH

SSH [email protected]
Du-sh *
Netstat antp|grep LISTEN
RM-RF File Delete Files
CD File entry Directory
CD-Back to previous level
CD ' Back to root directory
MV File1 File2 renamed File1 to File2
Cp-a file/home/weblogic/www Copy all files under the file directory to the WWW directory
Df-h Viewing disk space
Tar xvf file.tar Unzip the tar file

Automatically open artboards: MSPaint ipconfig notepad excel

Output process number: Ps-ef|grep WebLogic
Df-h # Viewing the usage of each partition
View Memory: Free-m df-h
PWD ll
Show current path: pwd
Delete: RM-RF file name
New file: mkdir file name
View log: IPCS
Cp-a file/home/weblogic/www Copy all files under the file directory to the WWW directory
Re-name: MV File1 filee2
Ps-ef|grep WebLogic

You need to distinguish between checking the application log or the system log, the system log is below/C
Ps-ef|gref Wheblogics
Tail-f Error.log
SSH cp-r file files
View log: Tail-f file name
System not automatically launched: Call pause
Server Jump: Ssh-l usename IP;
View users: Ps-aux|grep ssh or w/who
Restarting the server and log

To publish a new project:
1.uat-ant.xml modification
<property name= "ProjectName" value= "Taiping-sol-insu-fund"/>
<property name= "Sshname" value= ""/>
<property name= "Server" value= ""/> modification
d= "fund"
War= "Taiping-sol-insu-fund.war"

Ps-ef|grep WebLogic------------ef|gref Java
Kill-9 ID (AdminServer)
RM-RF Edit.lok
View logs: CD tpsys/weblogic/user_projects/domains/tp_managed/servers/adminserver/logs Admin.server.log
Restart Project: CD Tpsys/weblogic/user_projects/domains/mall SH
Restart Weblogic:cd/tpsys/weblogic/user_projects/domains/tp_managed/start
CD tpsys/weblogic/user_projects/domains/tp_managed SH
CD tpsys/weblogic/user_projects/domains/tp_managed start
View logs: CD Tpsys/weblogic/user_projects/domains/admin.server.log
Tail-f 200
CD Vehicle/logs/server.log
View logs: CD Tpsys/weblogic/user_projects/domains/mall logs Server.log
: CD tpsys/weblogic/user_projects/domains/vehicle Logs Server.log
: CD tpsys/weblogic/user_projects/domains/ibuy Logs Server.log

CD Tpdata/taiping-logs/mall/debug.log
RM-RF Edit.lok
View System log: CD Tpsys/weblogic/user_projectd/domains/svc-log/logs
View logs: CD tpsys/weblogic/user_projects/domains/mall-mgr logs Server.log
CD tpsys/weblogic/user_projects/domains/admin start
Restart Project: Cd/tpsys/weblogic/user_projects/domains/b2b2e/start
View log: Cd/tpsys/weblogic/user_projects/domains/b2b2e/logs tail-f bib2eserver_1.log
Restart Weblogic:cd/tpsys/weblogic/user_projects/domains/b2b2e/start

CD mall/servers/mall_server_2/data/
SH Startmall

Find-name *. Dat

Password forgot to restart the process

Message monitoring: Root
CD tpdata/nagios/libexec/

Vehicle-server1 7004
<property name= "Server" value= ""/>
Server with root user shutdown, start error;
Su WebLogic
Chown Weblogic.weblogic-r/tpdata/weblogic/user_projects/domains/malldomain/servers/adminserver/data
Chown Weblogic.weblogic-r/tpdata/weblogic/user_projects/domains/malldomain/servers/adminserver/data/stroe

Linux Server Operations

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